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    23 Things You'll Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Michaels

    The real happiest place on earth.

    1. You feel a surge of adrenaline the second you step inside.

    2. You always start with a basket but end up wishing you’d gotten a cart.

    3. You immediately recognize that familiar "Michaels smell."

    4. You've definitely struggled to find an employee and wondered if they're hiding from you.

    5. The yarn aisle is the stuff of daydreams.

    6. Speaking of yarn, you always buy way more than you need, but you're totally OK with that.

    7. And don't even get you started on the beads.

    8. You love Pinterest, but recognize it for what it is: a gateway drug.

    9. Nothing in your life has made you care about coupons the way Michaels has.

    10. Full disclosure: There is stuff you bought months ago still sitting in bags at your home.

    11. You've taken a class or five and loved every minute of it.

    12. On your birthday you definitely hope you'll get a gift card or three.

    13. There's a good chance you've had to hide your latest purchases because someone has judged you for buying so much stuff.

    14. You are famous for trying to get your friends to go with you.

    15. But you prefer not to bring your significant other or kids.

    16. Few things in life excite you as much as finding an amazing clearance item.

    17. You struggle with the fact most people don't understand your enthusiasm over duck tape.

    18. Michaels has enabled you to continue a DIY project or two that would have been best abandoned.

    19. It’s the first place you go to prepare for the holidays.

    20. You have a hard time passing the scrapbooking stickers without checking out every last one.

    21. When the checkout line is long, you have no patience for the coupon drama of the people ahead of you.

    22. When your stuff is rung up you're always surprised to discover you spent way more than you thought you did.

    23. And lastly, when you've been away too long, you start to get that itch.