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23 Things You'll Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Michaels

The real happiest place on earth.

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8. You love Pinterest, but recognize it for what it is: a gateway drug.


You on Pinterest: "Ooh, I'll have to go to Michaels for that. And look there. I wonder if they have that at Michaels?"

10. Full disclosure: There is stuff you bought months ago still sitting in bags at your home.


You're going to get to it, though. You're 90% — make that 80% — sure of it. Yup, 70% sure of it.


13. There's a good chance you've had to hide your latest purchases because someone has judged you for buying so much stuff.

Your friend: "What's that? You need help hiding a body?"

You: "No, I need help hiding stuff I got at Michaels!"

15. But you prefer not to bring your significant other or kids.

First, you don't want to hear your S.O. whine, "How much longer?" Second, you don't want to have to deal with your kids touching everything — that's your job.


20. You have a hard time passing the scrapbooking stickers without checking out every last one.

You might not have scrapbooked since you were a teenager, might start again.


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