23 Mercifully Easy-To-Make Snacks Your Kids Will Love

    “But I’m hungry now!”

    1. You need just four ingredients to whip up a batch of these super easy pepperoni pizza rolls.

    2. Serve your gang some grilled cheese roll-ups.

    3. Make Hawaiian-style shave ice using nothing more than water, soda, and Jell-O.

    4. You can also use Jell-O to turn grapes into a treat your kids won't stop talking about.

    5. Try this peanut butter dip which can be mixed up in five minutes.

    6. Make these microwaved cinnamon apples, which are called "super simple" for a reason.

    7. More fun with apples: fry up these cinnamon apple rings.

    8. This Tuscan broccoli and cheese quesadilla only sounds like it'd take a while to make.

    9. Speaking of quesadillas — these peanut butter banana ones will give your kids life.

    10. Wow your kids with these impressive banana dogs.

    11. Make this five-minute watermelon and strawberry sorbet.

    12. Follow these deliriously simple steps to make fresh fruit pops.

    13. Let your kids help you make these frozen yogurt banana dippers.

    14. Dish out some of these pickle roll ups.

    15. Keep the whole family happy with these cheesy cauliflower breadsticks.

    16. Win "parent of the year" with these mini deep dish pizzas.

    17. While we're on the subject of pizza, you need to try these pizza waffles.

    18. Want bark that's actually healthy? Try this strawberry yogurt bark.

    19. Turn some day old bread into the delicacy that is cinnamon french toast sticks.

    20. Whip up a batch of mini corn dog muffins.

    21. Another sure winner are these taco pizza rolls.

    22. Bake these easy mozzarella cheese sticks.

    23. And lastly, make a plate of nutella and banana sushi, then drop the mic and walk away.

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