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    23 Ridiculously Adorable Kindergarten Graduates

    Nap and gown.

    1. The ABC's? Not a problem for you.

    2. Counting to 30 doesn't phase you either.

    3. Guess who knows their shapes? You do.

    4. You can tell time, too.

    5. You can even name and recognize all four seasons.

    6. Need a couple kids who can sit still? Look no further.

    7. How about some kids who know how to raise their hand before speaking? Because... right here.

    8. You've spent the last year pushing yourself to the limit...

    9. ...and now it's time to celebrate!

    10. So put on your best duds...

    11. ...and rock some shades.

    12. Give your buddy a squeeze...

    13. ...and hug your sibling.

    14. Celebrate with your teacher...

    15. Get some smooches from your parents...

    16. ...and pose with your grandparents.

    17. Just make sure that you don't forget...

    18. get that paper.

    19. GET.

    20. THAT.

    21. PAPER!

    22. You did it!

    23. Congratulations to the Class of 2015!