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23 Insanely Cool Things You Can Do With Baby Food Jars

Jarringly incredible transformations.

Amy Sefton for Buzzfeed

1. Grow herbs and spices.

This is especially perfect for city dwellers. Learn more here.

2. Bake some mouth-watering pies in a jar.

Your baby will be like, "Whoa, that looks a whole lot better than what came in that jar!" Find the recipe here.

3. You can even use them to bake mini cakes.

Yum. Find the recipe here.

4. Dip the jars in paint to create a beautiful way to display flowers.

This DIY makes ideal decorations for a wedding or first birthday party. Learn more here.

5. Make a stylish wall-storage plaque.

Fill it with things like Q-tips and bobby pins, then hang it over a make-up table. Find the DIY here.

6. DIY your own magnetic spice jars.

Never get stuck wondering where the paprika is again. Check out the DIY here.

7. You can DIY a nail polish remover jar, too.

This one's super easy. Learn more here.

8. Craft some mini snow globes.

How cool is that? Learn more here.

9. Set out candy corn this Halloween in style.

Learn more here.

10. These Glitter Slime Monsters also make quirkily awesome Halloween decorations.

Once Halloween is over you can let your kids go crazy playing with the slime inside. Find the how-to here.

11. Start saving jars now to make this surprisingly beautiful Christmas tree decoration.

Find the tutorial here.

12. You can also make these adorable Snowmen for Christmas.

They make great, low-cost gifts. Find the how-to here.

13. Keep crayons organized with style.

14. Make your own magic 8-ball.

Will you love this DIY? Outlook good. Learn more here.

15. DIY some kid-sized mason jar cups.

Find the tutorial here.

16. Transform them into Minions.

These goodie jars work great as party favors. Find the DIY here.

17. You can transform them into Lego goodie jars, too.

Fill the jars with Lego bricks for an awesome party favor. Find the DIY here.

18. One last party favor idea — make princess goodie jars.

These would work at a baby shower or birthday party. Learn more here.

19. Turn them into candles.

20. You can turn them into tiny mason jar-style oil lamps, too.

Learn how to make the night incredible here.

21. Craft an adorable pin cushion/button jar.

Cute as a button. Find the tutorial here.

22. DIY a tiny terrarium.

Learn more here.

23. Combine them with branches to make the ultimate centerpiece.

This is the definition of a conversation starter. Find the DIY here.

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