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23 Incredibly Helpful Charts For New Parents

Understand the little person in your home a whole lot better.

1. Learn how to swaddle your baby in five easy steps:

2. Know your baby's diaper size AND how many diapers they'll go through each day:

3. Find out which type of cloth diaper is best for you:

4. Consult this chart to find out when you should — and shouldn't — be worried about your baby's poop:

5. Make sure you're adjusting your car seat's chest clip correctly:

6. In fact, take another look to make sure you're doing all things car seat–related correctly:

7. Know when your baby is hungry before they lose their you-know-what:

8. Bone up on all things breastfeeding:

9. Bottle-feeding parents can bone up on how much they should be feeding their baby:

10. Is your baby about to start crawling? Time to baby-proof the home:

11. Make shopping easier with these sizing charts for popular baby clothing brands:

12. Get a better understanding of your kid's fevers:

13. Determine how much your kid should be sleeping each day:

14. Understand ADHD and kids:

15. Find out if your kid really needs your help to dress them, or if they're being a tad lazy:

16. Make sure you're feeding your baby the right foods:

17. Get an idea of how involved your child should be in feeding themselves:

18. Communicate with your infant or toddler by using baby sign language:

19. Understand gross motor skills and your child's development:

20. Assign your kid some age-appropriate chores:

21. Learn about speech and language milestones:

22. A lot happens with your kid's teeth in their first six to eight years. Here's a primer:

23. Find out what shots your baby needs, and when: