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    23 Important Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer

    Make this summer one you remember for the right reasons.

    1. Get your kids into the habit of putting on sunscreen every time they go outside.

    2. Encourage your kids to rock a hat and sunglasses.

    3. Be a stickler about pool safety.

    4. You can also play a game with pre-K kids that will teach them the importance of not getting into the pool without adult supervision.

    5. Install a fence, wall, or gate around your pool.

    6. Check playground equipment before you let your kids play.

    7. Make sure your kid has a bicycle helmet that fits and meets safety standards.

    8. Emphasize to your kids the importance of always wearing a helmet with the strap properly fastened.

    9. It's also important to make sure your kid's bike fits because ill-fitting bikes are more accident prone.

    10. Teach biking safety before you let your kids ride out on the road.

    11. Pedestrian safety is also incredibly important since kids spend so much time outside in the summer.

    12. Eat picnic food promptly to avoid food poisoning.

    13. Fruits and veggies can cause food poisoning, too, if they're not properly washed and stored.

    14. Declare a "kid free zone" around the grill.

    15. Your kids should also know to stay away when you're mowing the lawn.

    16. Put together a summer first aid kit and keep it handy.

    17. Take precautions against heat stroke.

    18. Never leave your kids alone in the car, not even to run a quick errand.

    19. Teach younger kids an address and phone number song.

    20. You can also write your cell phone number on your kid's arm and keep it from washing off with liquid bandage.

    21. Use a kid-safe insect repellent.

    22. Be vigilant when it comes to ticks.

    23. Never let your kids play with fireworks.