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23 Ideas For Making The Ultimate Superhero Bedroom

Your kid will think you're a superhero when you're finished.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

1. Paint your kid's room the shade of their favorite superhero.

Find the precise color for dozens of heroes and villains here.

2. Frame Lego Super Heroes in a shadow box.

Not feeling crafty? Have one made to order here.

3. DIY an old dresser into a superhero-themed one using Marvel Comics fabric.

Find the how-to here.

4. You can also swap out a dresser's knobs with superhero ones.

Buy eight knobs here for $23.

5. Turn your kid's closet into Superman's telephone booth.

Learn how to do it here.

6. Decorate your kid's walls with these vintage, minimalist superhero posters.

Get the set of six here for $45.

7. These prints — which come with great lessons for your kid — are also spectacular for the walls.

Get the set of three here for $19.99

8. Use old comic books to cover light switches and outlets.

9. Throw down a superhero themed rug.

Get this Captain America rug here for $49.99.

10. Frame a newspaper touting your kid's latest heroics.

Learn how to make your kid's front page — affordably — here.

11. Outfit your kid's bed with a superhero themed comforter and sheets.

Order this one here for $59.

12. These pillows are the perfect final touch for a superhero-themed bed.

Get these pillow covers here for $16.99 each.

13. Use a shoe organizer to store superhero figures.

Find this idea plus others for organizing a kid's room here.

14. Tie back curtains with a superhero mask.

Order a set of two here for $7.50.

15. Add a superhero mural to the wall.

Spiderman looks especially cool hanging off the side of a doorway. Learn more about this mural here.

16. Use Halloween masks to make great, low-cost wall hangings.

Find this idea plus others for a superhero-themed room here.

17. Go all in and get your kid this Batman bed set.

Order the three-piece set here for $1,075.

18. DIY your kid's name in superhero letters.

19. Stitch this superhero-themed alphabet.

Download the cross-stitch pattern here for $16.

20. Make Thor's hammer.

This is among the coolest decorations a superhero room could ever have. Find the DIY here.

21. DIY a superhero side table.

Learn how here.

22. Swap out ceiling fan blades with these superhero-themed ones.

Find this set of four here for $65.99.

23. Get this incredible Captain America shield nightlight.

Order one here for $29.99.