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    23 Hilarious Sports Fails

    Because not every play can make the highlight reel.

    1. Toronto Raptors' Landry Fields hits the mop guy.

    2. Jose Canseco lets a home run bounce off his head.

    3. Steve Lyons drops his pants on first base.

    4. Tyson Fury punches himself in the face.

    5. Stars' Patrick Stefan misses on a wide open net.

    6. 31-year-old Pedro Martinez throws down 72-year-old Don Zimmer.

    7. The Texas Tech Bell Ringer did this.

    8. Chad Qualls wipes out on a pickoff throw to first.

    9. Chad Qualls the very next season:

    10. Texans’ Danieal Manning botches interception.

    11. Matt Holliday helps home run ball into the stands.

    12. This ball boy gets nailed in the side of the head.

    13. Melky Cabrera throws the ball behind himself.

    14. This soccer player totally misses the ball.

    15. Carlos Gonzales nearly kills himself bunting.

    16. Oswaldo Arcia attempts to catch a ball with his face.

    17. Dwyane Wade attempts dunk and fails miserably.

    18. DeSean Jackson accidentally downs ball at first yard line.

    19. B.J. and Justin Upton collide.

    20. Nick Swisher wipes out heading for home.

    21. DeSagana Diop air-balls a free throw.

    22. Wizard's Nick Young misses a layup spectacularly.

    23. Stephan Feck botches dive at 2012 Olympics.