23 DIY Upgrades Any Man Can Make To Look Better

Many men hate to shop, but now they don’t have to. Learn how to make incredible apparel, accessories and more from the comfort of your own home.

1. Make a leather lunch tote

Learn how here.

2. Or a stylish messenger bag

Click for the tutorial.

3. Whip up a batch of shaving soap

Shaving soap will give you a closer shave with less nicks and cuts than commercial shaving cream. Find the recipe here.

4. Make homemade facial scrub

This gentle yet deep cleaning soap has a masculine fragrance. Find the full tutorial here.

5. Add texture and style to hair with DIY hair wax

Find out how here.

6. DIY a skinny tie

Learn how here.

7. Sew a bow tie

Download the pattern here for $6.

8. Or fashion one out of recycled objects

Artist Nicholas Ruiz has created bow ties out of Lego blocks, guitar picks, and empty soda cans.

9. You can also stencil a tie you already have

This will make any tie instantly unique. Find the tutorial here.

10. Stitch your own suspenders

Find the quick and inexpensive how-to here.

11. Jazz up dress shoes by painting the soles

12. Turn a trunk into a shoe cabinet

It will keep your shoes in tip-top shape when you’re not wearing them. Find out how here.

13. Paint a baseball cap

Find out how here.

14. Make steampunk cufflinks

Repurpose old watch parts into a stylish accessory. Find out how here.

15. Or turn any buttons into cufflinks in less than 60 seconds

Click here for the full tutorial.

16. You can also turn a baseball into cufflinks

To find out how to make these - as well cufflinks made out of golf balls and fishing bobbers - click here.

17. Make a slim leather wallet

Learn how here.

18. DIY your own Chan Luu style leather wrap bracelet

Learn more here.

19. Turn a used bicycle tire into an idiosyncratically cool belt

20. Turn your apron into a BBQ apron with this easy stencil

This is perfect for any carnivore who loves to grill meat. Find the how-to here.

21. Paint gold elbow patches onto a cardigan

For both boys and men. Find the how-to here.

22. Tailor a button-down shirt for a perfect fit

Ideal for that awesome but poorly sized shirt. Especially useful if you buy a lot of your clothes from the thrift store. Click here for the easy tutorial.

23. Make a blazer plaid trimmed

Learn how here.

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