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    21 Ways To Find The Perfect Name For Your Baby

    There are tens of thousands of names. Which is the right one for your baby?

    1. Use this Tinder-inspired app to pick a name without fighting with your partner.

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    Babyname lets you swipe right if you like a name (and left if you don't) until you and your partner find a match.

    2. Name your baby after one of your favorite characters.

    3. Bestow your baby with a name that comes with automatic hipster cred.

    4. Use Nymbler, a website that learns your preferences and suggests names that fit your taste.

    5. Hire a baby name consultant.

    6. Name your baby after a location.

    7. You can also name your baby after an especially meaningful moment in your life.

    8. Name two kids at once.

    9. Search your family tree.

    10. Name your baby Quinoa...and score a $10,000 gift card.

    11. Hire an astrologist to help you pick a name with positive vibrations.

    12. Give your baby one of the most popular baby names of 2015.

    13. Go with a word name.

    14. Throw a "naming party."

    15. You can also poll your friends and family over the internet.

    16. Give your baby a popular name from around the world.

    17. Give your baby the name that is as popular today as yours was when you were born.

    18. Consider names that come with great nicknames.

    19. Give your baby the most popular name of 1990, or 1966, or 1918, or...

    20. Use the app that helps you find exactly what you're looking for.

    21. Wait for inspiration to strike when your baby is born and you first see their little face.

    22. predicted the popularity of "Katniss" based on the number of times the name was searched on its website. An earlier version of this post misstated its actual popularity.