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21 Ways To Find The Perfect Name For Your Baby

There are tens of thousands of names. Which is the right one for your baby?

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1. Use this Tinder-inspired app to pick a name without fighting with your partner.

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Babyname lets you swipe right if you like a name (and left if you don't) until you and your partner find a match.


5. Hire a baby name consultant.

Why use a consultant? The people at My Name for Life say "it is a personal, private, no-pressure way of getting honest advice and wonderful name suggestions from a respected baby naming professional with experience researching names, writing names, picking names and solving naming dilemmas."

7. You can also name your baby after an especially meaningful moment in your life.

Ed Sheeran Instagrammed a letter he received from a couple who named their baby girl "Eddie" because she was conceived after one of his concerts. That's a sweet story, but you might not want to saddle your baby with a name that forever reminds them of you and your partner getting frisky.


14. Throw a "naming party."


This is especially helpful if you have a list of potential names you like but can't settle on one. Invite over a group of trusted friends, ply them with good food and drink, and let them pick the winner!


16. Give your baby a popular name from around the world.

Combing through this list of popular names from around the world might very well help you find the right name. For example, you might not think of a beautiful name like Anastasia unless you read a list of the top names in Ukraine.

17. Give your baby the name that is as popular today as yours was when you were born.

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Actor Kristen Bell recently named her daughter Delta, but if she used this cool interactive she might have been inspired to name her Savannah, which is the 39th most popular name today, as "Kristen" was in 1980, the year she was born.

18. Consider names that come with great nicknames.

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How cute would it be to call your little girl "Pippa"? That's the nickname of Philippa Middleton, the younger sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Find a Nameberry-compiled list of nicknames for girls here and boys (Alfie, anyone?) here.

20. Use the app that helps you find exactly what you're looking for.

Baby Names has over 30,000 names to search through, and lets you customize your searches. So, if you know you want a name that starts with an "S" and means "princess," you can search that! (FYI, there are actually a number of names that fit that description, like Sabrina, Sadie, Sally, and Sarah.)

21. Wait for inspiration to strike when your baby is born and you first see their little face.

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Be warned, though. A new report in the journal Pediatrics found that not naming your baby right away increases their risk of falling victim to a medical mistake.

22. predicted the popularity of "Katniss" based on the number of times the name was searched on its website. An earlier version of this post misstated its actual popularity.