21 Times Parents Were Absolutely Broken By Their Kids' Homework

    The only thing worse than having homework is having kids with homework.


    Me: *crying* Tween: *crying* Husband: I thought you two were doing math homework together. Me: We are.


    Store clerk: May I help you? Me: I hope so. Sweetie go get your math homework, this nice woman is going to help us.


    'You are a strong, capable and intelligent woman.' I mutter to myself, as I use my fingers to count while reviewing my kid's math homework.


    *Arrives in Hell* Devil: Here, help these 5th graders with common core math


    I tried to slow cook a pot roast this morning by plugging in the toaster, but sure son, let me help you with your math homework.


    8 yr old me watching my mom finish my homework after throwing a tantrum


    Me: Do you know where your homework folder is? 7-year-old: Yeah. In my backpack. Me: Where's your backpack? 7: I don't know.


    I wasn’t going to drink tonight and then I helped my 8y/o with math homework.


    Me helping my 6th grade cousin with his math homework


    [5 PM] Me: Put your homework in your backpack. Child: I will. [8 PM] Me: Put your homework in your backpack. Child: I will. [6 AM] Me: Put your homework in your backpack. Child: I will. [8 AM] Text from child: you won’t believe this


    Before kids: I will never swear in front of my precious angels. After kids: WTF is this math homework?!


    My Son Is Stupid He Got Zero Even When I Did His Homework .🤣🤣


    One day someone will ask my kids if they ever saw their dad cry and they will think about the time with the math homework.


    i thought i hated homework as a kid, but man, as a parent, i hate it with the fire of a thousand jinn


    Playing 1-on-1 with my fifth grader daughter (rule: I can only shoot lefty outside paint) ... Her: “I’m up six.” Me: “I can do the math.” Her: “Really? Because you can’t even help with my math homework.” Hurts because it’s true.


    My son came home from school complaining about how much homework he had & then proceeded to play with the dog & then hopped on Fortnite. So it’s good to see the procrastination gene was passed down without fail.


    My 16yo son just asked me to help him with his AP Chemistry homework and then we both laughed and laughed and he went on his way.


    Me: Did you do your homework? 7-year-old: Yes. Me: Did you do it right? 7: No more questions.


    My 8 year old daughters homework is not easy and yes I will be using my calculator and google to answer these questions cause I would hate to get it wrong 😭😂😭😂😭😂


    The 8 year old’s maths homework is now officially beyond me. I retire from motherhood.


    10YR OLD: dad, can you help me with my math homework? ME: *throws smoke bomb*