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    21 Screenshots Of People Selling Shockingly Trashy Stuff Online Like It's Totally Normal

    You can buy anything online, folks. And I mean ANYTHING.

    1. Let's start with this person, who I'm not saying is definitely going to hell...but I am saying is on the devil's radar.

    A person trying to sell a Salvation Army bucket

    2. Then there's this person...who is 100% on the devil's radar, too.

    A person trying to sell a Walmart vest

    3. This person is trying to sell a door ram the SWAT team left behind after raiding their home.

    A door ram for sell

    4. And this person is selling — checks notes — a "beautiful" ball sack guitar.

    A ball sack guitar for sale

    5. This entrepreneurial young man is willing to let you beat him up in front of your girlfriend — you know, to make you look tough — for $50 on the weekdays, and $60 on the weekend.

    A man is offering for people to beat him up for money

    6. This wicked step... Wait, there's no "step." She's just a wicked SISTER who's looking to hire someone to make a mess of her sister's wedding.

    A woman trying to hire someone to be naked at her sister's wedding

    7. And this person in a clearly VERY healthy relationship is looking for someone to pose as a couples therapist.

    Someone trying to hire a fake therapist

    8. Then there's this guy who wants to, uh, you know what? Go ahead and look for yourself. I just ate and don't want my lasagna coming back up.

    A man wants to pay money to enter your septic tank

    9. This modern day Thomas Edison is selling THIS amazing invention...and folks, there IS a waitlist.

    A man selling a contraption for your toilet

    10. And this possibly genius inventor — but most likely blitzed out-of-his-mind knucklehead — is willing to sell this "invention."

    A man trying to sell an invention that he doesn't know the use for

    11. This person is selling a tennis ball left out in the rain for $50, and you really can't make this stuff up.

    A person trying to sell a tennis ball left out in the rain

    12. This person — who I can only assume is a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau — is selling gas from the trunk of his know, if he doesn't blow up first.

    A man selling bags of gasoline

    13. This professional mourner will cry — or more — at your next family funeral.

    A professional mourner listing an ad for their services

    14. And this wife is actually asking $900 for this shitty couch.

    A person trying to sell a couch her husband shat on

    15. This dad is selling a creepy taxidermied deer/doll house which — shocker! — his kids didn't like very much.

    A person trying to sell a taxidermied reindeer with a dollhouse built inside its body

    16. This person is selling a brand new chicken suit, but not answering any questions about how they got it.

    A chicken suit for sale

    17. And this person is selling this "beautiful home-made Pop Tart suit" which they've only worn once...which is really one time too many already.

    Someone trying to sell a bodysuit made out of Pop-Tarts

    18. This person is selling a casket modified into a grill.

    Someone trying to sell a casket grill

    19. This unembarrassed soul is selling his sex doll because — doh! — his wife found it.

    A person trying to sell their sex doll

    20. This charmer is selling a shoddily-made, seemingly kid-sized cigarette costume.

    Someone trying to sell a Marlboro costume

    21. And this person is trying to unload 10 pallets of Gatorade powder...which I'm sure was acquired entirely on the up and up.

    Someone trying to sell a bunch of Gatorade

    H/T: r/Reddit