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    21 Super Clever Things That'll Make You Go, "I Wish I Thought Of That!"

    This world is pretty cool once you get past all the trash.

    1. This structure in India that encourages beach goers to properly dispose of plastic:

    2. And this tea bag that comes with its own totally biodegradable spoon:

    3. This foolproof way to get a good photo of your dog:

    4. And these "parking spaces" for dogs outside of an Ikea in Berlin:

    5. This meter in Canada that isn't for parking, but kindness — all money collected goes to helping the homeless:

    6. This stairwell with hidden storage drawers:

    7. And this a-door-able way a restaurant posts its daily menu:

    8. This bar's code word to help women out of dangerous or uncomfortable situations:

    9. And this bar's ingenious way of telling unruly customers to hit the road:

    10. This hack for making kids earn screen time:

    11. This vending machine dispensing...books:

    12. And this ATM that will quickly satisfy your cupcake craving any time of day:

    13. This mobile sauna in Budapest that makes it a whole lot easier for people to escape the cold:

    14. This literal play area for kids on a train in Switzerland:

    15. And this space-saving idea to hang board games on the wall — with the game pieces hidden in a bag in the back:

    16. This "dogmode" setting Tesla owners can use when leaving their dog in the car:

    17. This coffee shop that fits entirely in a phone booth:

    18. And this espresso served in an edible cookie cup:

    19. This library that lets families check out toys:

    20. This portable conference room for offices with an open floor plan:

    21. And this surefire way to win an ugly sweater contest: