21 Times Raising A Teenage Boy Will Make You Say, "Fuck"

You love him, of course, but COME ON.

1. He’ll be able to make your blood pressure skyrocket using just three letters.

2. If you ask him to rake the leaves, you will regret it.

3. He will use every glass in the house and leave the kitchen a mess.

4. And on the rare occasion he tries to clean up, well…

Dishwashing soap does NOT go in the dishwasher, kid.

5. He’ll do stupid shit that will require you to take him to get a tetanus shot.

6. And he’ll injure himself in ways that will make you seriously question the theory of evolution.

#backpackchallenge 😂😂

— Tyler;) (@Tyler_Davis2001)

7. You’ll fork over $100 for his yearbook only to see he pulled this shit.

8. You’ll constantly be picking these up around the house.

9. Even grosser: You’ll find socks in his bedroom that miraculously stand at attention.

10. It won’t just be socks — you’ll find these more and more too.

chapper5_ / Via

It seems your teenager catches a lot of colds when he’s alone in his room.

11. And honestly sometimes it’s not even subtle.

squeaky623 / Via

12. This will drive you batty.

alex1201412 / Via

13. When he gets together with his friends they will challenge each other to do some of the stupidest shit ever.

14. Speaking of stupid, his Facebook updates will make you wonder if he’s going to live with you forever.

15. If you get this order number, you will have to listen to him snicker endlessly.

16. Using the shower after him is guaranteed to make you shudder.

17. Your biggest shudder, though, will come when you get in the shower and see what he left in there.

All he had to do was put it back in a drawer. Is that so much to ask to avoid family-wide shame?

18. He will probably wear a T-shirt like this in public.

YOUR PRIEST: “What does his shirt say?”
YOU: “We, uh, erect them fast and keep them up.”
PRIEST: “Have him come to confession.”

19. If you ever look at his browser history, it will be burned into your memory for life.


20. And if your car gets dirty, he might do this.

smithsmith89 / Via

21. Finally, he’ll do so much brooding that you’ll find yourself acting like this just to get the knucklehead to spend time with you.


What else can you do? Despite it all, you love the kid to pieces.

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