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21 Things You Will Never Be Able To Unsee

Click only if you want everything as you know it to change.

1. A famous actress you're probably crushing on actually looks exactly like evolutionary scientist Richard Dawkins.

2. If you flip the logo of one of the NBA's most legendary teams, it looks like a robot reading a book.

3. One of your favorite rappers looks disturbingly like the Big Worm from Men in Black.

4. There is actually an "i" in "team."

5. Part of ESPN's logo looks eerily like a character from Star Wars.

6. Star Wars characters are all over Facebook too.

7. Star Trek: The Next Generation and the Die Hard franchise have something shockingly in common.

8. A Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece is reminiscent of a silly internet meme.

9. One of the world's biggest movie stars has an asymmetrical face.

10. The "&" symbol looks like a man doing something unusual.

11. An Academy Award-winning sex symbol looked alarmingly like "Friday" singer Rebecca Black when she was younger.

12. A major politician of the last 10 years is twinsies with the mayor of Who-ville from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

13. There's a giant dong on one of the world's most used coins.

14. One of your favorite NBC sitcom characters looks uncannily like a young Newt Gingrich.

15. A major social media site's logo is strangely similar to a street sign.

16. There's a random girl who looks exactly like a major YA movie series' male star.

17. Impressively muscular body-builder dudes are actually hilarious looking.

18. A movie star you probably think of as super cool isn't as cool as you think.

19. An internet browser's icon is almost exactly like a classic '80s game.

20. A reality TV star's hairline is unlike that of any other human.

21. One of the world's most beautiful women and one of its most handsome men would be indistinguishable if they both had beards.