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21 Things All Parents Who Grew Up In The '80s Will Understand

Your kids have no idea how cool you are.

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6. There are other favorite movies from the '80s, though, that you won't show your kids because they're questionable by today's standards.

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It's probably not the best parenting move to introduce your kids to Long Duk Dong.

7. When you hear "Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer" at Christmas, you can't help but sing the "New Kids" parody.

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This version hit #1 on playgrounds nationwide back in the day.


9. Your kids have called you out for not wearing a helmet in photos from your childhood.

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Thankfully, they haven't seen photos of any of the really crazy stuff you did, like not wear a seatbelt, ride in the back of a truck bed...

12. You thought you were pretty badass as a kid, but in hindsight you were pretty innocent... especially in comparison to today's internet-aged kids.


13. The anti-drug talks you give your kids are going to have to be a lot more sophisticated than the ones your parents gave you.


16. You have questions for your parents about the WTF stuff they let you do.


You: "Hey, Dad, remember that time we were on the freeway and you let me steer?"

Your dad: "Pssh. That never happened."

But it totally did.

18. When it's Eighties Day at your kid's school you go all out.

And your kid's pegged jeans are on point.

19. You roll your eyes when your kids stress out about having to ask another kid out.

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Really, kids? You're scared of sending a TEXT? In our day we had to call them on the phone and pray the mom or dad didn't answer. And we did all of it uphill in the snow both ways!

21. Lastly, you're pretty sure that when your kids imagine your childhood, they're just picturing this Katy Perry video.

Which is okay with you — especially since the reality was that you mainly played Nintendo and watched TGIF.