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    21 Social Media Tips You'll Wish You'd Known Sooner

    For Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Foursquare.

    1. Turn your profile pic into an emoji you can use in chat.

    Type your username sandwiched between double brackets (like this: [[zuck]]) and enter it into chat to send your personalized emoji.

    2. Share something with all of your friends except one person.


    Select "custom" in the "who to share this with" tab, then enter the name of the person you don't want to see the post. Simple as that!

    3. Clean up your News Feed in just a couple minutes.


    Click here while logged in to Facebook and you will be taken to a page full of friends you haven't interacted with in a while. Click all of the ones you want to see less in your News Feed.

    4. Hide your online status on chat from people you don't feel like talking to.

    Facebook / Via

    Facebook has integrated its "lists" feature with chat, so you can make lists of people to whom you do and don't want to appear online. Learn how here.

    5. Search "randos at [the name of your workplace]" to access a list of co-workers you're not friends with.

    6. Back up and download all of your photos plus other people's photos you're tagged in.

    Download the Pick&Zip app here.

    7. Find out what the best time is for you to post.

    Statigram analyzes your Instragram history to determine the exact time of day when your photos are most likely to receive the most attention. It also compiles other interesting data like your average number of likes and comments per photo.

    8. Take photos without posting them.

    Flickr: coutinhobr / Via Creative Commons

    If you put your camera on airplane mode any Instagrams you take will be saved to your photo roll but not posted. Some people use this to double filter their photos. Learn more here.

    9. Bust your friends for lying when they tag a photo #nofilter.

    All you have to do is put the link of a suspicious Instagram photo into Filter Fakers to find out if they used an Instagram filter.

    10. Pin something from Facebook.

    11. Make as many secret boards as you like.

    Traditionally Pinterest only allowed three secret boards per user, but that was quietly changed last month to allow users unlimited secret boards.

    12. Highlight text on something before hitting "Pin It" and the highlighted text will automatically appear in the description box. / Via

    This will save a lot of time when you're pinning many things in a row.

    13. Make professional, printable resumes.

    With LinkedIn's Resume Builder.

    14. View someone's profile anonymously. / Via

    Go to "Account & Settings" on the top right, then "Privacy & Settings." Under "Privacy Controls" is this option: "Select what others see when you've viewed their profile." If you click it, the above pop-up window will appear. Select the "You will be totally anonymous option" and no one will see when you view their profile! This will limit your ability to see who visits your profile, but you can always change it back to normal when you're done being anonymous.

    15. If you have the LinkedIn app you can search anonymously AND still see who looks at your profile.

    Just add the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” shortcut on the mobile app.

    16. Learn who doesn't follow you back.

    Sign up for Friend or Follow here, which can also tell you about your followers on Instagram and Tumblr.

    17. Find out who does — or doesn't — follow one another.

    Not sure if a couple is still dating (or if friends had a falling out)? Plug their handles into Doesfollow to see the status of their relationship. Prepare yourself for moments like: "Whoa! She unfollowed him! They're totally splitsville!"

    18. Download an archive of every tweet you've ever made. / Via!ESjp7

    Just go to Settings and scroll down to where it says "request your archive."

    19. Create lists for people whose tweets you don't want to miss. / Via

    The more people you follow, the easier it is to miss tweets from your favorite tweeps, but that's not a problem if you create a list for them. Lists are also great for keeping tabs on people you don't want to give the satisfaction of a follow (i.e., enemies and exes).

    20. Search “secret menu” to see restaurants nearby with hidden menu items.

    21. You can also search "Wi-Fi password" to gain access to free Wi-Fi around you.