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Jan 13, 2015

21 Reasons "Modern Family" Producer Danny Zuker Will Never Win Parent Of The Year

Let's all put a prayer out to the universe that his kids aren't on Twitter.

Modern Family producer Danny Zuker isn't afraid to let it all hang out on Twitter, where he's engaged in a long running feud with Donald Trump.

Getty Images Kevin Winter

When he's not trolling Trump, however, he's often writing about his kids in a way that makes you laugh AND hope his kids aren't on Twitter.

1. Like when he marveled at his daughters' uniqueness:

2. Or grew thoughtful when thinking about his son:

3. When he mused about the passage of time:

4. When he dropped this "soccer dad" tweet:

5. And this one:

6. When he, well, tweeted this:

7. And, uh, this:

8. When he got nostalgic:

9. When he reflected on the importance of communication:

10. Especially the need to listen:

11. When he tweeted about those unavoidable quarrels with teenagers:

12. And that beautiful moment when your kid turns into your teacher:

13. When he worried about his children...

14. his own...

15. ...unique...

16. ...way:

17. When he compared himself to other dads:

18. And had no doubt how he rated:

19. When he discussed the concept of favorites:

20. And lastly, when he got real about how he really feels about his kids:

21. (In his own way, of course):


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