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    21 Reasons Birthday Cake Is, And Always Will Be, Better Than Cupcakes

    Are you Team Cake or Team Cupcake?

    1. Kids have loved birthday cake for hundreds of years.

    George Marks / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    In fact, the origins of eating cake to celebrate a birthday can be traced back to Roman times. Birthday cake is forever, people. Be gone, cupcakes!

    2. Blowing out candles atop a birthday cake is the absolute best!

    3. But blowing out one lousy candle crammed into a cupcake is just kind of sad. / Via

    You can even blow it out with your nose. Where's the fun in that?

    4. Also, I've got it on good authority that birthday wishes made over cupcakes don't come true.

    Disney / Via

    You think blowing out one little candle is going to make magic happen?

    5. It's an incredible feeling to look down at a beautiful cake and see "Happy Birthday" written on it.

    Flickr: rbieber / Via Creative Commons

    And if it's written next to a bunch of super heroes, all the better.

    6. THIS. IS. NOT. THE. SAME.

    Flickr: skullycollins / Via Creative Commons

    Poor Phill. He got cupcakes on his birthday AND has two L's in his name.

    7. There's nothing quite like when the lights are turned low and the cake is carried into the room.

    Flickr: potatojunkie / Via Creative Commons

    Everyone "oohs" and "aahs" over the glow of the candles. Nobody "oohs" and "aahs" over a cupcake.

    8. Speaking of candles, part of the fun is getting one candle for every year of your life!

    Flickr: mikeyskatie / Flickr: bensutherland / Via Creative Commons

    Again, you can't do this with a puny cupcake.

    9. Getting the first slice because it's your birthday makes a kid feel super special.

    Flickr: rachelfordjames / Via Creative Commons

    Corner piece for the win!

    10. Nobody feels special with cupcakes, though, because every kid gets the exact same thing. Even the birthday kid. Tragic, really.

    Birthdays should not be a democracy. On your birthday you're the king, and the king gets the frosting rose!

    11. Putting ice cream and cake on the same plate and then eating them together is glorious.

    Flickr: eatdog888 / Via Creative Commons

    You can't do this with a cupcake. Cupcakes say, "It's either me or ice cream, kid. Pick one and deal with it."

    12. The photo opps that come with birthday cake are priceless.

    13. Cupcakes, meanwhile:

    Flickr: lobraumeister / Via Creative Commons

    Sad birthday is sad.

    14. Watching a one-year-old tear into a smash cake is beyond cute.

    Flickr: websteria / Via Creative Commons

    15. This kid loves birthday cake so much he wanted to be one.

    Flickr: pwilley / Via Creative Commons

    16. Cupcakes aren't just lousy for kids' birthday parties. They're also lousy for prisoners' birthdays.

    Knumina Studios /

    No jail break this year. Thanks, Mom!

    17. Today's birthday cakes are more incredible than ever before.

    Flickr: camknows / Via Creative Commons

    I'm not sure what awesome squared is, but it probably looks a lot like this cake.

    18. Cakes with photos on top are pretty awesome, too.

    Flickr: dresmall / Via Creative Commons

    You can't fit Val Kilmer and Alec Baldwin on a cupcake. Especially not at their current weights.

    19. This = Not as exciting.

    Flickr: mia3mom / Via Creative Commons

    Happy birthday?

    20. When baseball legend Tommy Lasorda turned 81 did the Dodgers serve him birthday cupcakes?

    Flickr: plasticcandy

    Of course not. The man won them two World Series titles. That would have been an outrage.

    21. The leader of the free world gets cake too.

    Flickr: usembassynewdelhi / Via Creative Commons

    Cupcakes are for one-termers.

    So put those birthday cupcakes where they belong...

    Flickr: modernemily / Via Creative Commons

    And serve up some cake!

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    Your kids will thank you for it!

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