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21 Pregnancy Brain Fails That Will Make You Laugh And Go, "You Poor Thing!"

"I couldn't remember the word 'hand.' Called it an 'arm foot' for hours."

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2. "I’d collected a urine specimen and was told by the nurse to put it in the pass-through cabinet so they could test it. I somehow didn't see the pass-through cabinet, so I put it in the cabinet on the wall with the spare toilet paper and cleaner!"


6. "At work I kept dialing a phone number but the phone wouldn't ring. So I hung up and tried again. I did this three or four times before I realized that I was typing the phone number onto my keyboard."


7. “I was shopping for jeans and felt like someone was watching me — just hovering and staring. This went on for several minutes. I finally had enough and was ready to fight. I turned to say something only to realize it was a mannequin. A headless mannequin.”

8. "I was running the register at work and tried to swipe a $20 bill through the credit card machine. I then stood there looking at it like 'Why isn't this working?'"


11. "My pants were in the dryer, so I got ready to go out pantsless. I went through all the steps — finished my hair, put on my jacket, pulled on my socks and shoes. I grabbed my purse and was about to open the door when my 5-year-old said, 'Can I go outside without pants too, mom?'"

14. "I was on the phone with a representative from another company when they asked how I spelled my name — and I completely forgot. I got the "A" but couldn't think of the rest. 'Alicia' is very simple to spell but I couldn't do it. It came back to me after a few awkward seconds."


17. "I was to give a speech at a graduation ceremony and had everything written out. Once I got to the podium, though, I completely blanked. I stumbled through a few words and went back to my seat, mortified. I almost blurted out on stage that it was pregnancy brain, but we hadn't even told our family I was pregnant yet."


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