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21 People You Meet When You're Expecting A Baby

They can make nine months seem like an eternity.

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4. The Homebirther

Flickr: eyeliam / Via Creative Commons

They strongly campaign for you to have a home birth, and show you photos of their home births that either convince you or make you say, "Oh, hell, no!"

5. The Ultrasound Technician

Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

They're either your favorite person (printing perfect photos of your baby in utero and saying, "Do you want to know the sex?"), or your least favorite person as they stare at the screen and mumble, "The baby just won't cooperate today."

7. The Comedian

Carlos Santa Maria / Getty Images

They never miss a chance to make hilarious jokes like, "Look at you! What are you having? Quintuplets?" and "Hey, big fella, you sure it's yours?"


14. The Reminscer

Jose Luis Pelaez Inc / Getty Images

They think that because you're about to have a kid you want to listen to them go on and on about what it was like for them to have kids.

16. The Grandma

Steven Depolo / Via Flickr: stevendepolo

They come up to you at the mall and say things like, "God bless you, honey," and "What a gift you're giving to your parents. There's no greater gift than a grand baby!"

18. The Social Worker

Keith Brofsky / Getty Images

They come to your house when you're trying to adopt and are either really nice, or annoy you by saying stuff like, "IF you get this child..."

20. The Mansplaining Mentor

Jupiterimages / Getty Images

These self-appointed gurus dole out long-winded advice peppered with anecdotes that start, "When my wife was pregnant she..."


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