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    21 Hilarious Examples Of People Being Absolute Rebels In Their Own Minds

    Sorry, losers. You could never be this cool.

    Rebels...they walk among us. I'm talking about those TOTAL BADASSES who absolutely INSIST on doing things their way.

    Can we be like them? Heck no! They're just built differently from the rest of us.

    So, in honor of these incredible beings, here are 21 who will make you go, "They did that. They really did that!":

    1. First, there's this rebel who owned his whole damn school.

    2. And this badass who is expecting 15 guests at his party — Yes, you read that right! — FIFTEEN!!!

    3. Man, I would give ANYTHING to have been there when this wild man pulled off this stunt!

    person opening up a to-go box to show three fries inside

    4. This deep diving legend, meanwhile, TOTALLY owned these fish!

    5. And this rebel may be on land, but he owned his pet rabbit just as hard. Boom!

    selfie of a guy putting up "bunny ears" peace sign behind his pet bunny

    6. This guy should get free groceries for life after pulling this one over on Safeway.

    a commenter responding to safeway saying the bathrooms were terrible, then saying he was at home just need to vent

    7. If you don't get it by now, the rules don't apply to these people! They will do what they want, when they want.


    8. Note to Mrs. G — If you didn't want worms in the living room, you never should have married such an absolute stone-cold badass.

    man sitting on a couch next to a large bucket

    9. And this rebel's roommate should have only one response to this...falling to his knees and crying out, "HOW ARE YOU POSSIBLY THIS BADASS?!?!?!"

    slices of cornbread covering up a roommates bed

    10. Rebels, in case you didn't know, are born not made.

    11. And rebels always, ALWAYS come out on top.

    12. No matter how long it takes.

    comments showing posts posted 9 years and 4 days ago

    13. No milk? No problem for someone this legendary.

    14. Got milk? Well, they can make that 100% rebellious too.

    text message saying they drank a whole 2 liters of milk in under 2.30 minutes

    15. Customers are like, "I thought I asked for the sausage on the right side?" LOLOLOLOL!!!!!! ABSOLUTELY PWNED!!!!

    16. Our feeble brains just don't work like theirs do.

    bowl of lucky charms marshmallows only

    17. Like how do they think of this stuff?!?!?!?

    a playstation sticker on a nintendo

    18. I mean these people will do ANYTHING!

    19. There's literally NO stopping them.

    man in a tub full of plastic spoons

    20. Oh SNAP! He did NOT dare! LOLOLOL!

    selfie of a guy in an aisle with text reading, i yelled big chungus in a walmart

    21. There are just some people who exist only to be AGENTS OF CHAOS, you know?

    selfie of someone holding a license that looks like it says buttsex

    What can I say? Rebels, amirite?

    HT: r/madlads