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    21 Incredibly Funny And Charming Parenting Tweets From Lin-Manuel Miranda

    From Founding Father to IRL father.

    1. When he bowed before the songwriting genius of his 3-year-old son, Sebastian:

    My son wrote a song called "I Just Want To Eat Bread Now." I knew he'd surpass me but not so SOON.

    2. And when he announced the birth of his new son, Francisco, with artistic flair:

    Int. Hospital Room. Night. [The screams reach a delirious crescendo. FRANCISCO MIRANDA enters. He is 7 pounds and 13 ounces.] Intermission. (📸 by @jmessinaphoto)

    3. When he bravely raised awareness about this dad problem:

    12 weeks old: when your kid is young enough to fall asleep on your chest yet long enough to kick you in the nuts at the same time.

    4. And when he proved that the Miranda family's onesie game is on point:

    5. When he entertained Sebastian with his own version of the Paw Patrol theme:

    I don’t know Paw Patrol as well, he’s working with me

    6. And also the Blaze and The Monster Machines theme:

    I have been made to sing the Blaze and The Monster Machines theme for the past hour @VAMNit

    7. When he introduced hip hop at an early age:

    You can burp me now But I won't stop now -one of many Nas songs I have repurposed as a lullabye to my son

    8. And when he'd do anything to make his kid laugh:

    When your son insists you play the wrong end of the recorder at 6:30am because it makes him laugh

    9. When he was very relatable (at least to dog-owning parents):

    Meanwhile, I spent the morning keeping my crawling son out of my dog's food.

    10. When he warned his fellow parents about the unfortunate side effects of Go, Dog, Go:

    Side effect of Go, Dog, Go, the best book ever: Your son WILL tell total strangers on the bus that he does not like their hat.

    11. When he gawked at his newborn's soft spot:

    The soft spot pulses when he eats. Gotta take care of this head. You take care of your head too.

    12. When he and Sebastian showed off these homemade masks from PJ Masks:

    In happier news, we discovered PJ Masks on Xmas Eve so here is a homemade Owlette & Cat Boy

    13. And when they played with Owlette, Catboy, and, uh, Cousin Martha:

    It’s the PJ Masks! Owlette! Catboy! And Gecko’s COUSIN MARTHA because we can’t find Gecko but MARTHA IS JUST AS GOOD EVERYBODY BE COOL


    14. When he shared the traffic report (for his living room):

    (Very) early morning track work, expect delays

    15. And when he broke the bad news about the airport:

    Airport under construction, expect delays

    16. When he revealed the secret for how he wrote the songs for Moana:

    My new litmus test: if a new song doesn't get my 1 year old hype as f***, it doesn't make the movie.

    17. And when he couldn't help but share this parenting victory:

    Good morning! This morning I got my son to eat a whole egg, so I am feeling very influential indeed.

    18. When he was experiencing this new parent rite of passage:

    Hey our son decided 3am-5am is the best time to party Cool cool cool Good morning I am a walking shambles

    19. When his home went full Calvin & Hobbes:

    My son plays in a cardboard box while his tiger stands watch. We've gone full Calvin & Hobbes over here.

    20. When he really admired his son's enthusiasm:

    new life goal: Be as enthusiastic about everything as my son is about ONE POTATO CHIP. "PAPITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

    21. And when he savored those moments that really deserve savoring:

    “I didn’t realize babies come with hats.” -Toby Ziegler, The West Wing