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    21 Hilariously Real Christmas Tweets By Parents Who Are Sleep-Deprived, On Edge, Unappreciated, Low On Funds, And Generally Not Feeling The “Magic”

    "No, I'm not ready for Christmas, Susan."

    1. Being a parent at the holidays is HARD:

    Kids are at each other’s throats, I haven’t picked anything for my mother in law yet, my 7yo has stopped using words and only speaks to me in various tones of “beep” and “boop” and I haven’t wrapped a single gift. December is never going to end, is it?

    2. A LOT is expected of you:

    Hey, on top of all the stress during the busiest month of the year don’t forget to dress up your kid next week for Grinch Day, Reindeer Day, Polar Express Day, Holly Day, and Cheer Day. -Elementary Schools

    3. Not the least of which is all the damn decorating:

    Not right now, sweetie. Mommy's losing her shit trying to turn this house into a Winter Wonderland.

    4. And because you're a parent everyone is always asking you for a holiday status update:

    I hate when people ask me if I'm all ready for Christmas. No Susan. I'm not even ready for today.

    5. Meanwhile, all of the sugar and excitement turns your kids into little lunatics:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is to watch my kids annihilate all my ornaments one by one, as my left eye twitches to the tune of Mele Kalikimaka

    6. Even when they mean well:

    Kids: We are making you a Christmas gift! Me: Oh, that is so sweet- K: *pull out paint* Me: You really don’t- K: *pull out glue* Me: Really, guys, I don’t need- K: *pull out glitter* Me: Christmas is cancelled.

    7. And THEY ARE LOUD:

    Dear Santa, All we want for Christmas is a silent night. Love, Parents

    8. Because of this you have to yell a lot:

    It’s not really Christmas until I’ve brought out my mom’s vintage “I WILL TAKE BACK ALL OF YOUR PRESENTS” threats.

    9. Then there's the pressure of Elf on the Shelf:

    Kid: Why is our elf so lazy? Me: Maybe she’s tired after cooking, cleaning, and doing all the laundry. Kid: What? Me: What?

    10. And, dude, sometimes it's just too much:

    Tonight I have to move the Elf and be the Tooth Fairy, and that’s way too many opportunities to disappoint my children in one night.

    11. If — God forbid — you forget to move the elf, your kids are like:

    12. And we haven't even talked about the gift giving yet:

    My son’s letter to Santa could more accurately be described as a list of demands.

    13. Which you can never get right no matter how hard you try:

    Oh, 17 days until Christmas? So that makes 16 days until my daughter decides to write a brand-new Christmas list of what she "really" wants.

    14. You probably fantasize about escaping it all:

    Remake of Home Alone, except it's the mom who's left behind and she just has a fucking vacation with no one around to bother her.

    15. Or you fantasize about phoning it in:

    [What Christmas morning 2018 will be like because I refuse to overspend on presents.] 7: Hey, this isn’t an LOL Bigger Surprise. It’s just my lunchbox stuffed with my old doll clothes wadded up in balls of plastic wrap. 10: Santa is super old. He probably has dementia.

    16. And you consider it, like really consider it:

    Think the kids will believe that Santa went green this year and didn’t wrap anything?

    17. But in the end you decide to do the whole freaking thing once again, which leads to the joys of Christmas Eve:

    Let’s get married and have kids so instead of enjoying a romantic Christmas Eve together we can spend the night screaming about missing batteries and hurting our backs lugging presents down from the attic.

    18. Wrapping, in a word, sucks:

    Tape, scissors, wrapping paper, bows, gift tags, boxes, non-rectangular objects, Christmas - things I’ve sworn at while wrapping presents

    19. And you have to stay up late:

    The most challenging part of Christmas is staying up later than my kids to put the presents out.

    20. But you do it because nothing scares you more than the idea of blowing the Santa magic for your kid:

    I would rather my children walk in on me getting pounded from behind than me stuffing their stockings instead of Santa right now.

    21. Did we mention you then have to get up at the crack of dawn and do Christmas Day?

    me [putting sons toy together] I don’t think *looks at instructions* *looks at box* Yeah, buddy, it’s not supposed to be on fire like that

    Don't worry, parents! We'll get through it!