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    21 Times Dad Culture Was Ruthlessly Roasted On Twitter

    "Dad culture is..."

    Hi, everyone. Mike here, BuzzFeed's resident IRL dad.

    That's not a GIF of me (it's of golf legend and fellow dad Phil Mickelson) but it has serious big dad energy, so enjoy.

    Recently it came to my attention that kids have been roasting dads on Twitter by giving examples of what "dad culture" is, and honestly, I'm like:


    1. I mean, we gave you life...LIFE! And this is how you treat us?

    dad culture is not knowing how to delete an app but knowing how to set up an entire surround sound system while also having the outdoor lights on a timer

    2. We'll remember this when you need a ride:

    Dad culture is believing they are the only one who can safely transport people to and from the airport

    3. I resemble, er, resent this remark:

    Dad culture is waking up at 5:15 on Saturday to tell your family that you woke up before them, then sleeping on the recliner for the rest of the day

    4. I don't see the joke here:

    @mathaiaus @LucyXIV Dad culture is saying 'half the day's gone!' at 8am on a Saturday

    5. We can see just fine, thank you!

    Dad culture is preferring not being able to see in a hurricane to turning the windshield wipers to their fastest setting.

    6. Why you gotta hit us so hard?

    dad culture is hiring a handyman then standing right by his side the entire time he’s working and asking if he needs help

    7. Like you weren't curious too:

    Dad culture is putting Waze on his phone to see if it gives the same directions as Waze on mom’s phone

    8. Yeah, well, my Honda is ding-free, so...

    dad culture is parking their middle class vehicle at the back of every parking lot like it’s a lamborghini

    9. This is so uncalled for:

    Dad culture is asking you not to speed too far ahead in your car so he can follow you because he doesn’t know the directions when he literally has a working GPS on his phone.

    10. When we were your age they didn't come bundled, Mr. Fancy Pants:

    Dad culture is when you buy your dad Pistons tickets and he's more excited that they come with a parking pass.

    11. Where's the lie?

    dad culture is going to a modern art museum and saying “I could do that” at half of the pieces

    12. There's a reason we do this, we just don't think you deserve to know:

    Dad culture is reversing into a park you absolutely could have driven into normally

    13. We're getting flamed for showing appreciation? Wowza:

    Dad culture is getting them an ACE hardware gift card for Christmas and them saying “~wOw~~ I can LitEraLLy spend HOURS in here,, thank you :-)”

    14. Maybe next time you'll shut your yapper:

    dad culture is rewinding a movie bc someone was talking and making everyone in the room watch past 20 minutes over again

    15. And we wear band shirts to concerts, so what?

    Dad culture is wearing a T-shirt of the college your kid is going to whilst moving said kid into college

    16. Don't get mad at us for the situation you got yourself into:

    Dad culture is saying “WELL MAYBE IF YOU CLEANED YOUR CAR” when your child tells you any problem they have

    17. How dare you! And also...Yellow, who's there?

    Dad culture is saying something that sounds similar to “hello” when answering the phone

    18. We'll see how much you're laughing when there's an emergency!

    Dad culture is downloading a flashlight app on your phone even though your phone comes with that feature

    19. You say it one time and...:

    Dad culture is saying “ASAP as possible”

    20. Well, if we waited for you to fix it we'd be waiting a long, long time!

    Dad Culture is trying to fix something that’s slightly broken then getting mad and breaking it even more out of frustration

    21. Damn right it is:

    Dad culture is turning the TV on really loud and immediately falling asleep.

    Dads everywhere, dancing away your wisecracks:


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