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    21 Screenshots Of Hilarious Internet Comments That Made Me Pee Myself (Figuratively...And, OK, Literally)

    Anyone who advises you to "NEVER READ THE COMMENTS!" never read one from these people.

    Like you, I've left my fair share of comments online, but most comments — including ours — pretty much suck. Yup, absolute drivel. BUT! Every once in a while...rising up from the sea of bad grammar, casual bullying, and confused a comment that is ABSOLUTE GOLD!!!!

    So, in honor of the rare brilliant comment, here are 21 that were so clever they outshone the thing they were commenting on:

    1. This commenter's epic block of an attempted #RickRoll:

    2. And these commenters who had perfect (albeit maybe a little sacrilegious) responses to a cheeky question:

    3. This commenter whose response definitely didn't crash and burn, LOL:

    4. And this commenter who casually dropped the funniest comment in the thread, bank on it:

    5. This commenter's response to Jakov, who really walked into this one:

    6. And this commenter's response to Karen, who, well, walked into it, too:

    7. This commenter who will have anyone 30+ laughing and nodding (and probably doubling over in pain):

    8. This commenter who hilariously extrapolated on the OP's joke:

    9. And this commenter who — bless them — turned someone's homophone error into comedy gold:

    10. This commenter whose +1 to this joke was un-bee-lievably funny:

    11. This commenter's reply that will make you go "Oof!":

    12. This commenter who had the perfect reply to this news program's embarrassing gaffe:

    13. And this commenter's reply that made me stand up and do a golf clap:

    14. This commenter whose response was sofa king funny:

    15. This commenter who — sorry, Alabamians, you might want to skip this one — went hard:

    16. And this commenter whose follow-up to a joke was better than the joke itself:

    17. This commenter's response that took things from cutesy LOL to super dark real fast:

    18. This commenter's joke that I'm still not over:

    19. And this commenter whose response was as hilarious as it was adorable:

    20. This commenter who followed the humor of the OP's the letter:

    21. And lastly, this commenter who knew EXACTLY what breed this doggo was:

    H/T: r/TheRealJoke