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21 Genius Products That Will Make Traveling With Kids So Much Easier

Guaranteed to reduce whining by at least 50%.

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4. A high chair that clips onto the side of a table.

Instagram: @philandteds

Billed as "the world's fastest deploying high chair," it packs flat and is unbelievably portable. Get it here for $89.99.


8. Dino finger puppets that will keep kids entertained during the doldrums of traveling.

Traveling has its share of slow moments (at airports and elsewhere), but small diversions like these can ward off whining when your kids get squirrely. Get a set of four here for $7.


15. A wearable car seat that's small enough to fit in your kid's backpack.

Instagram: @saferide4kids

Make getting through the airport a whole lot easier with this travel vest that fits in your luggage — and has exceeded federal performance standards for child restraints in crash tests. Get one here from $139–169.


21. And a travel crib that sets up in just 15 seconds.

Instagram: @guavafamily

It can be used both indoors or out. Get one here for $189.95.

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