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I'm Practically A Doctor Now After Seeing These 21 Impossibly Interesting Charts About The Human Body

This post could save your life one day...or at least entertain you right now.

1. First — wowza — this is what the nerves connected to your teeth look like:

2. And — yikes — this chart shows the black market value of your body parts (it's from 2017, so I've put the 2022 values adjusted for inflation under the image):

Credit: Futurism

2022 Value

Corneas: $24,720

Skeleton: $8,024

Lungs: $330,692

Kidney: $168,629

Liver: $166,562

Blood: $361 per pint

Skin: $9.73 a square inch

Bones and ligament: $5,836

3. Thinking of getting a tattoo? Here's where it will only hurt a little and where it will hurt like hell:

Credit: Health Line

4. Fun fact: Babies don't just pop out with fully developed vision. It's a gradual process:

5. I didn't know this...did you know this?! Your fingernails can say a LOT about your health:

6. It should come as no surprise that smoking is bad for your heart...but this chart REALLY lays it all out there:

7. Thankfully, if you quit smoking, it can have an incredibly positive impact on your the short- and long-term:

Credit: WebMD

8. This chart cleverly uses lemons to help people understand the signs of breast cancer:

Here's a closer look at that one:

9. Sorry, folks...but cannabis stays in your body WAY longer than other drugs:

10. This chart is a little hard to read but makes a REALLY important point — the main cause of death in the US is heart disease (31%), but the general public and media pay it little mind.  For example, people google "cancer" 18 times more than "heart disease!" Check it out:

11. Since heart disease is something we should all know more about, here's a chart explaining the differences in men vs. women when it comes to heart attack symptoms:

12. And here's a chart explaining the differences between a cardiac arrest and a heart attack (the writing is small so I will break them apart for easier reading below):

Cardiac arrest:

Heart attack:

13. You know when docs say they want an X-ray, MRA, MRI, Pet Scan, or CT Scan? Well, they all look inside your body but in totally different ways:

14. This is interesting — different lengths of naps have remarkably different effects on your body (I'll do a zoomed in version of the text under the embed):

Here's the text zoomed in:

15. Did you know where we make sounds in our mouths varies greatly? "H" comes from your throat; "P" comes off your lips! Interesting:

16. Here's how much walking positively affects your body:

17. OK, this chart explaining what happens to your body after you die is a little morbid, but I'll be damned if I didn't read the whole thing:

18. Along lines of the above — this incredible embroidery unflinchingly shows the stages of decomposition:

Credit: Calicoranger

19. This chart shows you the differences between common infections of the lung:

20. This chart gives a visual representation of where you feel different types of headaches:

21. And lastly, this chart shows the elements that make us living, breathing human beings: