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    21 Hilarious Memes And Tweets About The Awkward Moments We All Hate

    You didn't chose the awkward life, the awkward life chose you.

    This is you right now — blissfully not thinking about the many awkward moments you've suffered through in life.


    Want to stay that way? Then click out now. Otherwise, let's take a stroll through the past!

    1. So you've definitely experienced this moment:

    2. And this one:

    3. You've sent a text that had you looking at the screen and thinking, "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Un-send!":

    @decentbirthday / Via Twitter: @decentbirthday

    4. Speaking of texting, you've suffered through this:

    5. You've experienced other phone-related awkwardness too:

    6. You've sat through a really, REALLY long "Happy Birthday" song:

    7. And you've had someone over at your place who WOULD. NOT. LEAVE.:

    8. You've gone in for a hug when you really shouldn't have:

    SCREAMING, just hugged my dentist thinking he was going in for one but really he was just taking off my dental bib. Don't think I can ever recover from this

    9. And you've done the hug/shake/hug/shake mambo:

    When you don’t know whether to give a handshake or a hug... the most awkward shit ever.

    10. You've been caught in the background of someone's photo and stood there like:

    11. Your voice has betrayed you in the most awk way:

    You know when someone catches you off guard and you say hello in a weird way and you replay it in your head for the rest of your life

    12. But even when your voice sounded normal things have gotten cringey:

    13. Remember your school days? Well, you definitely experienced this:

    14. And while we're throwing it back, remember how your heart crumbled into a million pieces here:

    Sony / Via sarcasm.dudes

    15. You KNOW you've done this:

    Screen Gems

    16. And you've sweated through this:

    17. You've gotten this number at the deli:

    18. You've been at a party or three like this:

    19. You've suffered through having your different friend groups meet up:

    20. And you can recall EXACTLY what this felt like:

    21. Basically, this:

    That awkward moment between birth and death

    So. Much. Awkwardness.


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