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    32 Hilarious Tweets From Valentine's Day 2020 That Went Viral

    Love it or hate it, these are funny.

    Ah, Valentine's Day! It's here!

    Whether you love it or hate it, we've got a Valentine's Day present for you — 32 of this year's most viral tweets about the holiday:


    overheard a teenage boy buying a Valentine's card that said 'we are the same kind of weird'. shop assistant said 'is this for your girlfriend?' and he said 'no, it's for my grandma' :')


    I waitressed at olive garden for years and no amount of training can prepare you for the number of men who think it's ok to propose to their girlfriends in an olive garden on valentine's day


    me and my bf met at this gelato shop so i got him this cookie for valentines and he, very confused-like, said “what the hell is meat gelato......” Bye


    concept: a valentine’s card that says ‘idk what we are so idk if a card is appropriate but happy valentine’s lol pls don’t deep this’


    How you’ll spend Valentine’s Day is the last meme you saved.


    getting arrested on valentine's day so i could say i was cuffed 😊


    I actually love valentine’s day like I think it’s adorable that we have a holiday celebrating love. and the aesthetic is impeccable you have to admit



    They call it Valentines Day but I call it Friday


    Save money this Valentine's Day by being unlovable


    I remember my boyfriend pointing out a pair of shoes & I can’t remember if he was pointing them out to say they were fire or they were trash. Anyway, I bought them for him for Valentine’s Day, I hope he was saying they’re fire 💀💀💀


    always funny seeing “you curved me, now you’re lonely on Valentine’s Day haha”. bro she chose loneliness over you lmao


    In case any of you wanted to know what I’d like for Valentine’s Day


    If you’re bored on Valentine’s Day just go up to random couples in restaurants and shout “Who the fuck is she?!”


    Instead of buying him gifts on Valentine’s Day, just give him the money let him pay the people he’s owing.


    your valentine's date has arrived (hdbrosriley IG)


    If a sausage dog doesn’t come running into my room with love heart balloons attached to it, Valentine’s Day is cancelled x


    finally got me a date for valentines day .. its a court date .. but still gotta get dressed up lol


    all i want on Valentine’s Day is to be a hot girl on Instagram out to dinner with my notciably less hot boyfriend



    Ima evade my taxes for Valentine's Day at least the IRS will want me


    If I worked at a restaurant on Valentine's Day I would put a fake engagement ring in every girl's drink.


    5-year-old: *makes a Valentine's Day card* Me: Who's it for? 5: Me. I like me the most.


    I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day to be done and over with so stores can take the conversation heart candies off the shelves so I can get my jawline back


    Valentine’s Day is just a made-up holiday. Unlike the one where a rabbit lays eggs, the one where we give candy to ghosts and monsters, or the one where we celebrate a virgin giving birth to the son of an invisible sky wizard.


    i Miss celebrating Valentine’s Day in class because at Least i Got Some type of Recognition


    drive your girl *wild* on Valentine’s Day by removing your chef’s hat and revealing that you owe your entire knowledge of cooking to a rat who controls you like a marionette.


    Have I been avoiding dating and actively ignoring everyone who’s shown interest in me for about the last 6 months? Yes. Am I still going to act shocked and surprised that I’m single on Valentine’s Day? Also yes.


    This Valentine's Day, get your wife the gift that says "free shipping if bundled with three or more toiletries."


    It must be getting close to Valentine’s Day all the Alfredo sauce is gone from the store. Smh.


    so we all agree to cancel Valentine's day & just have another Thanksgiving right????????

    32. And lastly, if you don't have plans yet, there IS a certain movie opening on Friday the 14th:

    This Valentine's Day, tell her how much she means to you. Tell her how much you love her. Tell her... with the Sonic the Hedgehog movie

    Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!!