20 Things You Probably Need To Hear In Your Twenties

    Like "Don’t let anyone tell you millennials are the worst."

    1. Don’t let anyone tell you millennials are the worst.

    2. You look great.

    3. Stop taking so many risks.

    4. If anything inside of you is telling you that you might have a problem with drugs or alcohol, address it now.

    5. You have skills older people don't — exploit them.

    6. If you don't know something, don’t announce it to the world.

    7. Your parents miss and worry about you more than you think.

    8. You should support your friends' and co-workers' accomplishments instead of being jealous or overly competitive.

    9. Realize that “long term” isn’t really that long — especially when it comes to goals.

    10. Don’t think that good things will never happen to you.

    11. If your gut is telling you someone isn’t right for you, trust it.

    12. Don’t try so hard to make people like the things you like.

    13. Don’t waste time wallowing in self pity.

    14. Don't worry about what people think so much.

    15. Don't waste so much energy hating people.

    16. Don't let drama take over your life.

    17. Don’t feel bad about saying, “No.”

    18. Listen to what older people have to say.

    19. At the same time, don’t be afraid to follow your inner voice.

    20. Don’t worry so much about getting older.