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    21 Fascinating Info Graphics About Traveling That Are So Darn Smart

    Make your trip all fun, no hassle.

    1. Going overseas? This chart tells you what type of power socket you'll encounter:

    2. Here's an impossibly efficient way to pack:

    3. And this chart tells you how to fold a suit jacket in your suitcase so it doesn't end up with approximately 1,001 wrinkles:

    4. Women travelers should check out this one — it rounds up the safest (Spain, Singapore, Ireland) and most dangerous (South Africa, Brazil, Russia) countries for them to travel to:

    The data here is a few years old, of course, but things probably haven't changed all that much.

    5. And LGBTQ people should look at this one — it rounds up the best (Canada, Netherlands, Sweden) and worst (Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia) countries for them to visit:

    6. Don't get scammed! Here are the tourist scams to avoid while traveling this summer (and yikes — I think I'd lose it immediately if someone did the thrown baby scam with me):

    7. Hey, with inflation money is tight — this chart documents the off-seasons in popular countries so you can get better rates (and shorter lines):

    8. And here's a similar chart for the off-seasons of national parks in the USA:

    9. I know you want to avoid the "ugly American" cliche when traveling, so here's some of the international etiquette you need to know:

    10. If you go overseas you will almost certainly be dealing with the metric system. Here's a handy cheat sheet to get by:

    11. OK, this one is only for travelers to Japan, but it delighted the foodie in me so much I had to share. Here's 42 types of ramen you'll encounter while eating in Japan:

    12. I know you're going to need your morning cup of coffee  wherever you're going, so here's how to order coffee (exactly as you like it) in eight different languages:

    13. Flying? Here's how to make the experience a whole lot easier:

    14. After reading that last one are you feeling cocky and think you can tackle one of the world's loooooongest non-stop flights? Well, here they are:

    15. And speaking of long flights, you'll likely find this chart VERY helpful after getting off one:

    16. Going on a road trip? Here are some things you'll want to be sure to do beforehand:

    17. And if you're going on a road trip you will, of course, need to know where you can find the tallest roller coaster in each state, lol:

    18. This one is kind of basic, but still full of practical things to consider before traveling. Number six, in my experience, is especially on point:

    19. Ugh, I hope you don't need this advice on your trip, but if you do, you'll be glad you read it:

    20. Want to lower your carbon footprint abroad? Here are some tips:

    21. And lastly, if you plan on traveling with your furry best friend, you NEED to check out this one:

    Happy traveling, everyone!!!