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    Updated on Apr 1, 2020. Posted on Mar 28, 2020

    19 TV Reporters Who Struggled To Broadcast From Home In The Most Hilarious Ways

    "So it has been a week since...oh, this is my cat!"

    1. Kim Powell — a reporter for CBS in Arizona — had her cat walk right in front of her at-home broadcast:

    Been working from home the last few days. Turns out one of my coworkers doesn’t understand personal space! #QuarantineCats up to no good! #azfamily

    "So it has been a week since...this is my cat...those are the perks from working from home!"


    2. Charley Belcher of Good Day Tampa Bay had to hold his nervous dog during his segment:

    Reporting from home means you still have to take care of your “kids.” Bowser got a little nervous after my wife had to go into work today...and he jumped into my lap right before a live shot! Gotta love live TV! #AllInThisTogether #WorkFromHome

    3. And Hobie Artigue — the sports guy for Minnesota's Fox news station — had his very large dog Boris crawl into his lap seconds before his live segment:

    When your gargantuan dog crawls in your lap right before a @FOX9 live shot, sometimes you just gotta go with it... Thanks for rolling with things, @kscullinfox9!

    4. Arkansas' KATV News reporter Shelby Rose used a little catnip to keep her kitty, Zooey, busy while mom worked:

    My cat Zooey doesn’t understand personal space & meows every two seconds, so @brianemfinger thought of a way to keep her preoccupied during our live shot last night. Enjoy😂

    5. CBS Boston news anchor Chris McKinnon had his live shot crashed by Dougie the dog:

    the moment when @chrisWBZ's dog Dougie crashed his at-home liveshot today during @WBZ This Morning!

    6. Joy Wang from KOB 4 Eyewitness News had no problem with her new "coworker" who slept through the whole thing:

    First LIVESHOT on a cell phone. From home. New coworker was unimpressed. Slept through the whole thing. #StayHome4NM

    7. MSNBC analyst Peter Baker had his dog videobomb his on-air appearance:

    Congrats to @peterbakernyt for creating a worthy successor to BBC Dad, this time with his pet dog.

    Look at that tail wag!

    @AnandWrites @peterbakernyt I grabbed a video, made me smile

    8. ABC Tampa Bay's meteorologist Jason Adams had his cat Ninja run behind him before he could get to the weather:

    Ninja!! 😹😹😹

    9. And PBS News Hour's William Brangham went live with his cat slumbering peacefully in the background:

    That sly girl snuck into the shot without me even noticing... 😼


    10. CBS Denver's Makenzie O'Keefe, meanwhile, had to put up a sign warning family members NOT to enter the room while she was on-air:

    At @CBSDenver were doing our part as reporters to work remotely, or in my case tonight, from my home! Had to play it safe during the live shot 😂 #COVID19Colorado #StayHome

    11. NBC News' Kate Snow managed to DIY her hair and makeup:

    Getting ready for my first at-home liveshot @todayshow. (It takes a lot. I miss the pro help). My story this morn is about retirees, students and medical professionals who haven’t been in a hospital for a while now jumping in to help with coronavirus. #HeedingTheCall

    12. And First Coast News' Heather Crawford used her kiddo as a stand-in while setting up the shot:

    First night working from home. First time running my own live shot. See you at 11pm on First Coast News. #newreality @FCN2go

    13. CBS News' Jericka Duncan managed to MacGyver a tripod for her segment:

    You do what you have to do to cover the story. #liveshot #prayingforpeace

    14. While News 5 Cleveland's Jade Jarvis did the same to get passable lighting:

    My super high-tech live shot set up this morning #WFH

    15. KCEN News' Nick Canizales had to go live from the game room (but as a sports reporter, it worked!):

    When you have to work from home, the only place suitable for a LIVE shot is the game room!

    16. While WMAZ News' Kayla Solomon did a healthy eating segment live from...her kitchen:

    17. And Ira Glass of This American Life recorded his show from his new "closet studio":

    Recording this week’s show (well, I closed the closet doors while I read my narration). @ThisAmerLife

    18. But really, all of these reporters handled the challenge like the pros they are — here's WCNC Charlotte's Vanessa Ruffes using her deck to put the skyline in the background:

    Live shots at home part II - Nightside edition. @VanessaRuffes @wcnc

    19. And here's NBC Los Angeles meteorologist Shanna Mendiola flawlessly using an at-home green screen:

    This is WILD! When your lady’s the first meteorologist ever with a freakin’ WEATHER CENTER inside the apartment! #SaferAtHome #ShelterInPlace #CoronavirusLockdown #COVID19 @ShannaNBCLA @nbcla

    Keep up the good work, everyone! And stay safe!

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