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    Here's How To Potty Train Your Kid In Three Days

    Say goodbye to diapers in just 72 hours.

    Potty training in three days? Can it be done?

    Here's how you do it:

    1. Make sure your kid is ready.

    2. Find a good weekend, preferably a three-day holiday weekend.

    3. Throw out — or better yet, give away — all of your kid's diapers.

    4. Have your kid wear underwear only.

    5. It's also a good idea to get your kid underwear with their favorite characters on them (like Lt. Hopps and Nick from Zootopia).

    6. When you're ready to start, have your kid drink lots of fluids.

    7. Since your kid will be loading up on fluids and ready to pee at any moment, you're going to need to lose the distractions.

    8. Make your kid try to use the bathroom every 15 minutes on the first day, then every 30 minutes on the next two days.

    9. You should have your kid sit on the potty for at least five minutes during each of these visits even if they say they don't have to go.

    10. FYI, you're not off the hook between those regular bathroom visits.

    11. Stock up on rewards to reinforce potty training successes.

    12. Speaking of rewards, you should reward your kid for staying dry, not for peeing.

    13. You should also let your kid know when you're happy and disappointed.

    14. Know there will be accidents.

    15. To make cleanup of #2 easier, put a coffee filter in your kid's potty.

    16. If your kid is refusing to go #2, have them blow bubbles while on the potty.

    17. To make cleanup of accidents at night easier, use this clever hack.

    18. You can also make nighttime training more fun — and less scary — with this motion activated toilet light.

    19. Lastly, remember the potty training isn't over at the end of day three.

    Ready to give it a try? Here are a couple in-depth resources that could be helpful: