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19 Things Your Baby Doesn't Actually Need

Babies cost more than enough without having to buy this stuff too. So save your baby shower registry space for the important things.

1. Baby Shoes

2. Bath Thermometer

3. Bottle Warmer

4. A Traditional High Chair

5. Pee-pee Teepee

6. Boogie Wipes

7. Diaper Stacker

8. Expensive Baby Bedding

9. Stuffed Animals

10. Baby Food Maker

11. Cutesy Towels

12. Changing Table

13. A Fancy Pants Stroller

14. Special Detergent For Babies

15. A Diaper Genie

16. Wipes Warmer

17. Pacifier Wipes

18. Formula Mixer

19. Designer Baby Clothes

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