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    19 Things You Should Never Do When Your Partner Is Pregnant

    Because nine months is a long time to sleep on the couch.

    1. Invite people to rub your partner's belly.

    2. Pretend to want to name the baby something ridiculous.

    3. Make major baby decisions all by yourself.

    4. Invite your mom over to give pregnancy and parenting advice to your partner.

    5. Take your partner to a sushi restaurant and do sake bombs.

    6. Be demanding about sex.

    7. Imitate your partner.

    8. Make plans for right after the baby is born.

    9. Take food away from your partner.

    10. Obsess over your personal fitness.

    11. Wear too much perfume/cologne...or just plain stink.

    12. Be super messy.

    13. Give your partner a post-pregnancy workout DVD.

    14. Obsess over a pre-baby bucket list.

    15. Stay out late (a lot) with your friends.

    16. Keep saying how cool it would be for your partner to be a pregnant zombie for Halloween.

    17. Refuse to read "the books."

    18. Drive recklessly.

    19. Comment on your partner's physical change.

    And here's one thing you should do:

    Show her your appreciation.

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