19 Things Parents Of Big Families Are Tired Of Hearing

“I don’t know how you do it!”

1. “Are you Mormon or Catholic?”


I don’t know if this is more annoying when you are Mormon/Catholic or when you’re not.

2. “Are you going to get a vasectomy/your tubes tied?”

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And how exactly did you think this was any of your business?

3. “You sure have your hands full!”

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People who say this mean well, but when you hear it over and over (and over) again, it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

4. “Are you going to try for another girl/boy?”

It’s really not necessary to have a matching set.

5. “How do you find time to spend with each of them?”


We make sacrifices and do our best… like any family.

6. “I could never survive if I were you.”


I’m never sure if this is a compliment or if I’m being pitied.

7. “Are you trying to be like the Duggar family?”

“Yes! And the awesome news is that we only have sixteen more kids to go!”

8. “You must have a lot of sex!”


Ew. Please stop.

9. “Are you done?”

This question is perfectly fine… if you’re hoping to clear my plate.

10. “Are you trying to field a baseball team?”

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Nope. Not a basketball, football, or hockey team either.

11. “Are all of them yours?”

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“All except for that girl in the pink shirt. She just showed up one day and we don’t have the heart to send her away.”

12. “How do you afford it all?”

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Big families know how to stretch a dollar like nobody else.

13. “You do know there are ways to avoid getting pregnant, right?”

Yup. I had sex ed in the eight grade just like you.

14. “Did you want to have a big family?”


Next time try replying, “Nope. I didn’t even want one, but now I’ve got six to take care of,” then cover your face and pretend to cry.

15. “Was the last one an accident?”



16. “Do they all have the same father?”


17. “Which ones are twins?”

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Not every big family has a set of twins. Hard to believe, I know.

18. “Why not adopt? The world is so overpopulated as it is.”

Adoption is a beautiful thing (and many parents with a lot of kids do adopt), but it’s really not cool to make us feel bad about the family we chose to have.

19. “Your kids are going to have an amazing childhood together.”


Actually, this is one comment we never get tired of hearing.

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