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    19 Unanswered Questions From Your Kid's Favorite Shows

    Like why can't Dora's parents get her a T-shirt that fits?

    The Parents of Reddit recently got into it about their kid's favorite shows, and they raised a lot of WTF-level questions:

    1. On Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, why do Daniel and his dad wear pajama pants to bed when they don't wear pants during the day?

    2. Also, since Mom Tiger wears pants, does that mean Daniel and his dad are just flashing their junk all day?

    3. Isn't it kind of creepy they have tiger skin drapes?

    4. In the episode, "Duckling Goes Home," why did the ducky have to go live on a farm when Daniel, the kitten, and owl get to go to school and live in homes like people?

    5. In Dora the Explorer, why can't Dora's parents get her a T-shirt that fits?

    6. Why do they always need our help to stop swiper from swiping?

    7. And why is map so obsessed with telling everyone he's the map?

    8. On Bubble Guppies, how exactly does it rain underwater?

    9. And while we're at it, how are there planes underwater?

    10. On Peppa Pig, why hasn't Daddy Pig snapped?

    11. On Nina Needs To Go, why is Nana willing to break laws and put people's lives at risk just to get her granddaughter to the bathroom?

    12. Also, why are Nina's parents so useless?

    13. On Curious George, why don't people get more upset when George destroys stuff?

    14. On a related note, why does the man in the yellow hat keep trusting George to be alone in public places?

    15. And how exactly is it that everyone is perfectly okay with a monkey cooking and serving food?

    16. On Super Why, why can't Alpha Pig sing "The ABC Song" the same way everybody else does?

    17. On Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, why does Goofy wear clothes and stand upright like a human while Pluto wags his tail and runs around on all fours?

    18. On Sofia the First, why do they make such a big deal of the amulet letting Sofia talk to animals instead of the fact that it can summon every Disney Princess at will?

    19. Also, how can Sofia save the entire kingdom but not be able to correctly pronounce Cedric's name?