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19 Unanswered Questions From Your Kid's Favorite Shows

Like why can't Dora's parents get her a T-shirt that fits?

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11. On Nina Needs To Go, why is Nana willing to break laws and put people's lives at risk just to get her granddaughter to the bathroom?


Maybe if she let the kid wet her pants she'd remember to speak up the next time she has to go.


13. On Curious George, why don't people get more upset when George destroys stuff?

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"What's that, George? You unscrewed the main water line and flooded the whole building? Aw, that's okay, you little scamp!"


18. On Sofia the First, why do they make such a big deal of the amulet letting Sofia talk to animals instead of the fact that it can summon every Disney Princess at will?


"Yes, the amulet re-animated Mulan from the dead, but I want to tell you about how it lets me talk to this bunny!"