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    19 Things That Will Make Parents Who Cry Easily Say "Yup"

    You can't even think about your kid's baby photos.

    1. When you're scrolling through Facebook and come across a video of someone finding out they're going to be a parent...

    It got you like:


    2. If you hear a sentimental song that can be even tangentially related to your kids the waterworks start.

    Universal Pictures

    Song playing at the store: "If I could save time in a bottle..."

    You: "Bwaaaaaaa!!!!"

    3. You literally can't handle it when your kid says "I love you" unprompted.


    "I (blubber) love (wah) you (boo-hoo) too."

    4. But you also lose it at things as simple as when your kid tries on a new outfit.

    Ben Garney / Via Flickr: bengarney

    "It's just that you... sniff... look so grown up!"

    5. You definitely own a big pair of sunglasses that you can throw on to hide your tears.

    20th Century Fox

    6. If you go to a movie that has a "child in jeopardy" subplot you will be crying into the concession stand napkins.


    And... FYI... if you knew the movie was going to pull this crap you totally would have just gone to the Melissa McCarthy movie instead.

    7. You also cry at manipulative reality shows — and hate yourself for it.


    "You've known him two lousy weeks," you say as you roll your eyes. You know, your eyes that are producing tears.

    8. And let's not even talk about the evening news because the sad stories are like freshly chopped onions to you.

    20th Century Fox

    9. If your kid makes you a gift — even a drawing of you that looks more like a radioactive duck — you well up.

    10. And if you start looking at old photos of your kids you will be crying in no time.


    You might even unironically say “Mah bay-bees!” as you dab at your eyes.

    11. Your easy tears mean you often hear your embarrassed kids say, “MOM!” or “DAD!”

    Universal Pictures

    12. When you discipline your kid and they shout, "I don't like you anymore!" and run to their room, you want to be stoic and cool. But you're more like:


    13. You’ve definitely left tears on your kid's clothes — and if you wear makeup you’ve left makeup stains.

    14. Watching your kid try to make new friends at the park — and then get rebuffed — can make you ugly cry.


    But you desperately choke back your tears so your kid doesn't notice.

    15. When your kid is in a school performance you spend the whole time wiping away tears.

    Flickr: usaghumphreys

    Even though you have big, goofy smile on your face the whole time.

    16. When a sappy commercial comes on TV everyone in your family watches you, waiting for the water works to start.


    17. And then when you cry they laugh!


    You brought them into the world and they treat you like this? Some nerve.

    18. You sometimes wonder how you ended up so freaking emotional like this.


    I mean, you might've been a crier before kids you were never like this.

    19. But in the end, if crying easily over the people you love the most in this world is wrong, you don't want to be right.


    Aww, that's kind of sweet. Oh no. Does anyone have any tissues?

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