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19 Things That Will Make Parents Who Cry Easily Say "Yup"

You can't even think about your kid's baby photos.

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2. If you hear a sentimental song that can be even tangentially related to your kids the waterworks start.

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Song playing at the store: "If I could save time in a bottle..."

You: "Bwaaaaaaa!!!!"

6. If you go to a movie that has a "child in jeopardy" subplot you will be crying into the concession stand napkins.


And... FYI... if you knew the movie was going to pull this crap you totally would have just gone to the Melissa McCarthy movie instead.


7. You also cry at manipulative reality shows — and hate yourself for it.


"You've known him two lousy weeks," you say as you roll your eyes. You know, your eyes that are producing tears.


14. Watching your kid try to make new friends at the park — and then get rebuffed — can make you ugly cry.

19. But in the end, if crying easily over the people you love the most in this world is wrong, you don't want to be right.


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