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19 Lazy Person Secrets To Improving Your Life

Upgrading your life doesn't have to be hard.

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3. "Do some spring cleaning on your social media."

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"I do this a couple times a year. Unfollow people that bring you down. Delete those messages left by your racist relative on that one picture you posted. Update your info. It makes me feel so much better."



7. "Study at the library instead of at home."

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"I'm going to be a junior in high school this fall, and this has made me so much more productive. Libraries provide the perfect atmosphere for deep focus whereas you might get easily distracted studying at home."



11. "Organize your 'fridge."

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"It drives me crazy when I open it and can't find anything. I go in, pull out what's not good anymore, follow FIFO (first in, first out), and wash the produce drawers. I also try to date thing I put in my fridge."



12. "Go to the bank every payday and put a few dollars — whatever you can spare after your fixed expenses — into your savings account."


"I made it a habit and now I save so easily, and when I transfer the difference into my savings account, it feels as good as spending it."



16. "Smile as often as possible."

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"It's contagious. If you're speaking with someone and smile genuinely, they usually do so back. It makes people's days and you'll be surprised how important that can be."


19. "Whenever you feel the need to, express thanks or love for the people who are close to you."

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"I thank my co-workers at the end of the day for being there. I make sure to hug my loved ones before I leave them. You never know what day will be your last, so I always do what I can to brighten another person's day."


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