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19 Reasons Dateline’s Keith Morrison Is Television's Greatest Gift To Mankind

Keith doesn't always host Dateline, but when he does, it's freaking amazing.

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3. And, if we’re being totally honest, there’s something to his delivery that makes you suspect he might have a few bodies buried somewhere himself.

7. Keith doesn't brag about this (because he's too damn cool), but he appeared as himself on the classic episode of Seinfeld, "The Trip."


9. Keith's biggest connection to '90s sitcoms, though, is his stepson, Friends star Matthew Perry.


In 1981 Keith married Matthew's mom, Suzanne, a journalist and former press secretary to Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. The man is Chandler Bing's stepdad, people.

10. Has Saturday Night Live made a sketch about you? No? Didn't think so. They made one about Keith, though.


That's Bill Hader playing Keith, and if someone as funny as Bill Hader wants to parody you, it's because you are freaking awesome.


15. The holidays belong to Keith, who recorded the single greatest reading of the "The Night Before Christmas" EVER.

Watch the masterpiece here, but be warned: Once you see it Christmas will never be the same without it.

16. Keith's brilliance hasn't escaped the art world, either. Artist Mike Tiscareno painted this work of art of Keith as a sexy centaur at the commission of a couple Morrisonites.

But the biggest reason Keith is so amazing?


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