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    21 On-The-Job Fails That Made Me Think, "Who Hired That Person?"

    Their bosses: "Can I see you in my office, please?"

    1. The worker who sent off this pizza with a little something extra:

    2. The editor who almost obscured this woman's identity:

    3. The salesperson who for some reason accepted this shirt returned 17 years (17!) after it was sold:

    4. The person who sold this ticket:

    5. Kansas City Tourism's copy editor:

    6. And the ad executive who spearheaded South Dakota's campaign meant to reassure the public the meth epidemic was under control:

    7. The layout editor who put that ad under this story:

    8. The mail carrier who delivered this:

    9. The designer who placed the pattern like this:

    10. The road painter behind this masterpiece:

    11. And the road painter behind these confused directions:

    12. The worker who applied this price tag:

    13. The copy editor who called a triangle a "three square":

    14. The person who packed these boxes:

    15. The billboard salesperson who sold these billboards side by side:

    16. The person who made this cheeseburger:

    17. And the designer responsible for this sign's layout:

    18. The butcher who put out this sign:

    19. The groundskeeper who chalked this field:

    20. The lead singer of the band Men Without Hats:

    21. And the wax museum curator who put this Bruce Willis figure under the sign: "Run like action hero Vin Diesel":