19 People Who Hated Kids Share Why They Decided To Become Parents

    There isn't always a straight line to becoming a mom or dad.

    We recently asked the members of BuzzFeed Community to share why they changed their minds about having kids:

    1. "I hated kids, hated everything about them..."

    2. "My mom knew I was never having a kid."

    "My mom always joked that my dogs were her grandchildren because she knew I was never having a kid. The day my mom died I had an overwhelming feeling that I should be a mom because she couldn't anymore. Now that I have a daughter, I often find myself wishing I could call my mom to ask for parenting advice."


    3. "...and all throughout it I never wanted kids."

    4. "It was because of the cat."

    "The cat died. We were sad."


    5. "People had given up on us. "

    6. "I didn't want children..."

    "I didn't want children and felt very sure of that decision until I became very sick in my late twenties. I entered perimenopause — and had numerous other issues — and was told that getting pregnant was probably not an option for me. The other health issues I dealt with made me realize that I am a strong person who has a lot to pass on to another person, and I made the decision that I did want to be a parent.

    My special guy was born on 10-10-10 and now I'm expecting number two!"


    7. "Kids are sticky and smelly."

    8. "Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing."

    "It just happened. I met the right girl, she became pregnant, and the only reasons not to have the child were selfish ones not good enough to deny this person a life. We made changes, grew up, and sacrificed, but looking back I wouldn't change a thing. Having this little person who I'm responsible for put things in perspective. It wasn't about what I did in life, it was about what I could do to help her achieve the goals she'll have."

    — Kevin Averill, Facebook

    9. "I changed my mind out of nowhere."

    10. "I didn't want kids until I was told I was infertile."

    "I didn't want kids until I was told I was infertile. Now I have four (the doctors were wrong)."


    11. "I didn't want to turn into THAT mom."

    12. "Happily ever after did occur, eventually."

    "I didn't really want kids in the beginning of my marriage. And then I got pregnant while using multiple types of birth control. However, the little fetus died while inside me. I had to surgery to remove it.

    My husband and I were heartbroken. We knew we had to continue on and try to have a baby of our own. Two miscarriages occurred after the surgery, which made the whole situation terribly worse. I began to think we would never have our happily ever after. But now we have our gigantic, off the charts 14-month old-son and we love him beyond anything else."


    13. "My husband and I agreed — no on kids."

    14. "I wanted some mini-mes."

    "I decided I wanted a squad of mini mes and animals following me around everywhere."


    15. "I'd decided to get my tubes tied..."

    16. "The path you start in life isn't always the one you end up on."

    "My husband-to-be and I dated for five years before getting married, and the whole time I was clear I didn't want kids, and he was sure that he did. After many, many conversations about it he was still sure that I'd change my mind some day. I could see, as much as I didn't want them, that it broke his heart to think about a life without kids. I also started to wonder if I'd regret not having kids when it was too late. Add a dash of social pressure, and poking from my mother and mother-in-law, and I was swayed, slightly. I agreed to go off the pill and put it in fate's hands. A month later I was pregnant.


    That was four years ago, and I do love my son. It has been an amazing journey to watch him soak up the world around him and develop into his own individual self. However, I still pine for our former simple life of adventures and spontaneity, when we could stay up late, sleep in late, and decide to take last minute road trips just because.


    The path you start in life isn't always the one you end up on. And like I said, I sometimes wish for the old path, but know that one didn't lead to where I am today, and I love where I am. There may be tantrums and diapers, but there are also the best toddler hugs and smiles."

    17. "I knew then I wanted to be a mom someday."

    18. "I wasn't ready..."

    19. "My maternal instincts may have been buried further than other people's, but they were there."

    "I never wanted kids. When all my friends were playing with baby dolls, I was daydreaming about being on Broadway. Motherhood just didn't seem to be a desire that was wired in me. When my husband and I found out that we were expecting a surprise baby, we were shocked.

    After my daughter was born, I had a really rough time bonding with her. But the more I exercised my own agency as a mother, and spent time pouring into her, the more I grew in love with her. I learned that my maternal instincts may have been buried down further than other people's, but they were still there."


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