19 People Who Are Equal Parts Adorable And Freaking Hilarious

    We interrupt your doomscrolling to bring you something really cute and really funny.

    1. This pregnant wife who plotted to jump out and scare her spouse — but didn't realize her baby bump totally gave her away.

    View of kitchen from a doorway with a woman's pregnant belly visible on the side

    2. Both this little girl going to get a free hug from Satan, and this guy dressed up as Satan giving out hugs!

    Little blonde girl hugging a man in a Satan costume in front of a sign "Free hugs from Satan"

    3. And this uncourteous airplane traveler! I mean, the gall!

    A toddler's socked foot and leg protruding from the side of an airplane seat and  almost resting on an adult's knee

    4. This little girl and her mom who came up with literally the cutest and most amazing "crazy hair day" do of all time.

    A little girl's pigtails forming the frames of a swing from which a doll sits

    5. This hilariously awesome grandma who made these before she died, to be given out at her funeral.

    A greeting card with a "Let's keep in touch!" sign, a photo of the grandma, and a photo of a ouija board surface and a planchette with "goodbye" spelled out

    6. These lawyers whose billboard parodying Will Ferrell's Step Brothers is so awesome, I would hire them to represent me in literally anything.

    Two men in plaid vests, one man sitting, with text, "From Your Law Brothers," "We Push, You Win," and "Happy Holidays Houston"

    7. The person who dreamed up this eye patch AND the adorable kitty wearing it.

    Close-up of a ginger tabby with a small eye patch

    8. And this little kid who came up with a surprisingly genius bit of subterfuge while playing hide-and-seek.

    A child in a down coat with hood standing by a clothes rack with down coats hanging from it

    9. This cute kid who wants everyone to know his pawpaw watches a LOT of television.

    Child's handwriting filling in a questionnaire, "Let me tell you about my ___ [PawPaw]," saying that he is 67, he likes to watch TV, his favorite food is "everything," they like to "relax" together, and his pawpaw is special because "he only wathces tv"

    10. This kid whose Christmas list is the definition of shoot for the stars.

    A list with 12 items and their prices, including a Lego tow truck ($160), a Toyota Corolla ($23,888), and a 1964 SAAB J-35 ($250,000)

    11. And this kid whose list is every bit as extravagant ("Rolex black watch" LOL).

    Handwritten Christmas list on a "Happy Easter!" piece of paper, including a clutch dirt bike, iPhone 13, Legos, skateboard, and laptop

    12. This ambitious Thanksgiving host whose attempt to replicate this veggie plate didn't quite hit the mark.

    A platter of fresh veggies (including cucumbers, bell peppers, baby carrots, and broccoli) neatly cut up and arranged, with a red bell pepper with a face formed by other cut-up veggies in the center, and the person's less neat version below the photo

    13. This very concerned mom who has had this still very accurate newspaper clipping pinned to her corkboard for the last 15 years, LOL.

    Newspaper clipping with headline "Kids' Online Lingo," including LMIRL = let's meet in real life, A/S/L = age sex location, and NP = nosy parents

    14. The parents of a 25-year-old who, after he showed them this meme...

    SpongeBob having a temper tantrum with text, "I'm sorry, honey, but you can't have a SpongeBob-themed birthday party," "Because of coronavirus?" "Because you're 24"

    ...threw him THIS birthday party when he turned 26!

    A kitchen decorated with SpongeBob wall hangings, balloons, cupcakes, and plates

    15. This girlfriend who likes to hold her boyfriend's hand as she sleeps, but who — when he turned the other way so as not to distract her while looking at his phone — did this!

    A hand holding a foot in bed

    16. This 10-year-old girl who came up with and photoshopped a hilariously brilliant concept pitch for a novelty Pringles flavor (LOL on the “Kris Pringles”).

    Pringles Eggnog Flavor tube can with the Pringles logo wearing a Santa hat

    17. This person who made the most hilariously charming sign ever for (checks notes) a yard sale.

    A sign on an outdoor pole — "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, there is a yard sale on Raymond Circle, May 14, 8–1, prepare to buy!" — with a photo of Mandy Patinkin as Inigo

    18. This little girl named Zoe who wrote an adorably blunt letter to a serviceperson overseas.

    Handwritten letter from "Zoe from Stuart Florida" to a "United States Veteran" in the Air Force because her uncle served in it and because it's very dangerous, since if your plane gets damaged, "you know you're done for"

    19. And this "ghost" whose Halloween costume was absolutely perfect.

    A person wearing a white sheet with eye and mouth ghost cutouts with a text exchange written on it: "Had a great time tonight," "Me too," "You free on Friday?" "Hey"