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    19 People Who Got Roasted So Hard It's Going To Ruin Their Whole Damn 2023

    These roasts are going to keep us warm all winter.

    It's still a new year, folks, but some people have already spent it getting absolutely ROASTED.

    Here are a bunch of poor souls — some famous, some not — who have recently taken some serious shots:

    1. First, this would-be palindrome expert:

    Screenshot of a tweet

    2. And comedian Patton Oswalt — who after dominating on Celebrity Jeopardy! — got put in his place by his brother:

    holy shit was every category either STAR WARS or SKIN RASHES?

    Twitter: @MattOswaltVA

    3. This "player" who probably wishes they could have seen this response coming:

    "You now have the ability to close your eyes."

    4. Elon Musk, who walked into this devastating but fair roast:

    @elonmusk 12 months ago most people didn't know how unhinged you were.

    Twitter: @ChrisDJackson

    5. And, what the hell, Elon again (believe me, I showed restraint by only including two of his):

    "So this is how you plan to make sure everyone sees your tweets?"

    6. This person who tried cooking steak for the first time and found out real fast they shouldn't have:

    @StokeyyG2 What did you cook that under? A heated argument?

    Twitter: @AvfcFella

    7. Drake, who probably lays awake thinking about this one:

    Closeup of Drake

    8. And Ivanka Trump, who might want to call Drake to commiserate over their epically on-point roastings:

    Closeup of Ivanka Trump

    9. The dorm mates who dared to use this (slightly unhinged) person's microwave without permission:

    A note from someone who got angry that their microwave was used

    10. This ex-girlfriend who suddenly has a lot to think about:

    "Fact that he's not going for just looks anymore means you taught him a valuable lesson."

    11. Texas governor Greg Abbott, who made the mistake of piling on struggling Dallas Cowboys' kicker Brett Maher:

    @GregAbbott_TX You can’t even kick on the light switch for us in winter.

    Twitter: @BOXINGnBBQ

    12. This woman who could've been roasted for literally everything going on in her room, but got it for her name instead:

    "Her name sounds like a scooby doo saying the word 'alien'"

    13. And this guy who didn't realize how badly he'd told on himself:

    Screenshot of a tweet

    14. Billie Eilish (who I actually think would laugh at this if she saw it):

    "My toilet brush looks like 2019 Billie Eilish"

    15. This bean bag-shaped mayonnaise-filled man:

    "She won the gold medal. I think she knows how"

    16. This person who is probably still not recovered from getting roasted like this last December:

    "the grinch would steal every tree except that one"

    17. This believer who found out fast that one thing atheists believe in is absolutely incinerating dumb comments:

    "Know how to find an atheist? They'll tell you."

    18. And finally, no collection of recent roasts would be complete without Andrew Tate...who I'm certain regrets poking Greta Thunberg:

    yes, please do enlighten me. email me at

    Twitter: @GretaThunberg

    19. Ditto for this tough guy who tried to come for Greta in the comments, but really should have sat this one out:

    @akafacehots @GretaThunberg You quite literally play video games for a living.

    Twitter: @mbyhoff

    H/T: r/rareinsults