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19 Paternity Leave Moments Dads Will Immediately Recognize

Dads on Twitter are tweeting their experiences using the #paternityleave hashtag.

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1. Aching to take your little one home:

We want to go!! I know he's thinking it

2. Realizing how lucky you are:

3. Savoring every single cuddle:

Just a little bonding time with my man today. #paternityleave

4. Experiencing your first epic diaper change:

5. Getting your daytime TV on:

6. Introducing your baby to the classics:

Now showing him the Clash #paternityLeave

7. Coming to this realization:

8. Feeling a little punch drunk:

9. Getting a much needed pick me up:

Friends have been great this week. Someone brought us donuts & chicken pot pie today. #nomnomnom #paternityleave

10. Wondering what your baby is thinking:

Update: lunch is finished and I guess now he's contemplating his 401k options. #paternityleave

11. Taking your baby to their first game:

Getting ready for baby's 1st @Twins game! #homeopener #twins #mlb #paternityleave #preparation

12. And their first museum:

1st trip to an art museum! @artsmia is the best! See a few Interntnl Modernism exbt pieces between errands! #art

13. Remembering you have to take care of yourself too:

14. Doing whatever it takes to keep your oldest quiet during the baby's naptime:

What does a dad, and his daughter do, while the son is sleeping? This. #SoPretty #PaternityLeave

15. Losing track of time (and everything else):

16. Getting ahead of yourself:

2 months old and already 2nd college visit! @HamlineU #paternityleave #college #doingit #hamline

17. Dealing with diapers, so many diapers:

Back to work on Tuesday.....will miss this.....

18. Shaving your newly acquired facial hair:

19. And being so very thankful for the experience:

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