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    Aug 4, 2015

    19 Parents Who Are So Bad They're Good

    Judgment on the outside, applause on the inside.

    1. The parents who helped their kid set up these train tracks:

    2. The mom who pulled this classic prank:

    3. The dad who came through on his promise to get his daughter "Frozen" gifts for Christmas:

    4. The mom who had a lot of faith in her daughter's problem solving skills:

    5. The dad who found an awesome yet highly questionable way to help his kid see the concert:

    6. The dad who probably isn't going to go through with this long-con prank:

    It reads: "What if you kept the horse mask on 24/7 while raising the child and they thought they were raised by a horse/human hybrid and never knew any different and then one day you took the mask off?"

    7. These parents, who have slightly different priorities than most:

    8. The mom who knows the importance of picking your battles:

    9. The dad who is going to be in a lot of trouble when she's a teenager:

    10. The mom who sent her daughter this brazenly honest birthday cake:

    11. The dad who thought it would be a good idea to see if he and his son could get a lobster to hold a knife:

    12. The dad who was 100% over it:

    13. The parent who thought carpooling was a nightmare — literally:

    14. The dad who cared deeply about his kid's taste in music:

    15. The parents who took a series of inappropriate baby photos to give to their daughter on her 18th birthday:

    16. These "at least she's not making any noise" parents:

    17. The dad who gave his baby a bread-made doppelgänger:

    18. The parents who told their kids they would turn into mushrooms if they didn't bathe — just as their older brother had:

    They even added this "older brother" to their family photo albums.

    19. The butterfingered dad who thankfully had very quick reflexes:

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