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    19 Parents Share Their Most Nightmarish Trick-Or-Treating Stories

    All trick, no treat.

    We asked followers of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the worst thing that ever happened to them while trick-or-treating:

    1. "My 4-year-old son was wearing a Buzz Lightyear costume. He saw another boy dressed as Buzz Lightyear and accused him of stealing his costume. They then had a wrestling match on the spot."

    Flickr: jimsphotoworld / Via Creative Commons

    2. RIP Squirrel.

    Flickr: 28122162@N04 / Via Creative Commons

    "While running from one house to the next in the darkness, my animal loving, tenderhearted four-year-old tripped over a squirrel and killed it. There are some things you never recover from."


    3. "After two houses she said..."

    Flickr: nealebryan / Via Creative Commons

    "I spent 45 minutes wrapping my kid in the old sheets that I had spent a couple hours shredding into strips and tying together for her mummy costume, and after two houses she said, 'I don't feel like doing this right now!'"

    — Vicky Sparks, Facebook

    4. "As the couple opened the door she screamed..."

    Scott Griessel / Getty Images

    "We told our 2-year-old it was time to go home but she insisted we go to one more house. She rang the door bell, then immediately fell to the ground and started crying. As the couple opened the door she screamed, 'I don't want to trick or treat anymore! Please go home!' The couple gave us a dirty look as if we were forcing her out against her will."


    5. "We were almost finished trick or treating when my daughter said she had to go to the bathroom. I insisted we go to one more house. She peed on their front porch."

    Flickr: clintus / Via Creative Commons

    6. "I'M TOO OLD FOR THIS!"


    "My mom spent hours sewing a Blue's Clues costume for my 3-year-old nephew. When we got to the third house, though, he ripped the ears off his head, spiked them on the ground, and shouted, 'I'M TOO OLD FOR THIS!'"


    7. SOS — send candy.

    Flickr: jopoe / Via Creative Commons

    "The first year we lived in our house I grossly underestimated the amount of candy we would need. We had a line of children down our driveway onto the sidewalk and ran out of candy in 45 minutes."

    — Sarah Henderson, Facebook

    8. Awkward.

    Flickr: popculturegeek / Via Creative Commons

    "My kid refused to to leave my neighbor's doorstep because she was dressed as Harley Quinn and our neighbor was dressed as Catwoman, and according to her they belonged together."


    9. Much, much more awkward.

    Flickr: jpowers65 / Via Creative Commons

    "One year I took my kid cousin (who was dressed as the ghost face guy from Scream) trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. I stood at the curb as he knocked on the door with a group of other kids. When he finished there I put my hand on his shoulder to lead him to the next house… only it wasn't him. It was another boy dressed in the same costume who started screaming for his dad.

    I should've noticed he was shorter than my cousin. It took a good few minutes for my cousin to convince everyone he knew me and I wasn't actually a pedophile."


    10. "It was only our tenth house."

    Flickr: tammra / Via Creative Commons

    "Last year, one of the houses we trick-or-treated at had a skeleton that would pop out of the ground and scream when someone walked by. It scared my one-year-old so bad that he crapped his pants and cried the whole way home."

    — Sierra Larson, Facebook

    11. Lego my costume!

    Flickr: kenward_family / Via Creative Commons

    "My father-in-law built my twin toddlers and me matching red Lego costumes, and everything went fine for trick-or-treating. It wasn't until I put my costume in the dumpster of my apartment complex that things got weird — a grown man dumpster-dived to retrieve the costume and started wearing it around the neighborhood in the middle of November!"

    — Brent Eubank

    12. "By the time we got home I was exhausted."

    Flickr: normalityrelief / Via Creative Commons

    "When my daughter was two it was so cold that I had to put her snowsuit on under her witch costume. I also had to carry her all night because she refused to walk. Her snowsuit was made of a very slippery material, which meant I spent all night with her sliding down my hip. I'd lift her back up and then she'd slide back down. By the time we got home I was exhausted."


    13. "My mom always tells me about the time my sister got so scared by one of the houses on our street that she peed on their dog. That family hasn't put up decorations since."

    Flickr: rusty_clark / Via Creative Commons

    — Gwyneth Sauvage, Facebook

    14. "Other parents weren't too keen with us."

    15. "You will never make me a frog again, Mom."

    Flickr: wolfrage / Via Creative Commons

    "I put my three-year-old son in his frog costume and he cried the entire night. Later, on the way home from trick-or-treating, he said I would never make him be a frog again, and promptly proceeded to poop in his costume."


    16. "To this day she refuses to go trick-or-treating."

    "The first house we went to with our 2½ year-old daughter had a 'scarecrow' sitting outside holding a bowl of candy. As soon as our daughter went for the candy, the 'scarecrow' jumped up and yelled. Our daughter cried the rest of the night. To this day she refuses to go trick or treating."


    17. "My parents slunk away, embarrassed..."

    Flickr: matthiasxc / Via Creative Commons

    "When I was little we were super broke but my parents managed to take me trick-or-treating. This one house handed out quarters and I shouted, loud enough they could hear me three houses down, "Yay! Money! We can eat now!" My parents slunk away, embarrassed, but everyone in our tiny town offered us food and money for the next month."

    — Stephanie Lawrence, Facebook

    18. There goes that candy.

    Flickr: 11167512@N04 / Via Creative Commons

    "My 4-year-old daughter wasn't feeling well Halloween night, but insisted she could still trick-or-treat. Things were going great until she vomited into a cauldron of king-size candy bars the lady down the block offered to her. I couldn't apologize enough, but my 4-year-old exclaimed that she felt much better, and asked if we could we keep trick or treating."


    19. "My kid wanted to be Batman. He looked in the mirror while he had his costume on and started crying because he was afraid of himself."

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