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19 Hilarious Kids' Fails That Prove Being A Kid Is Not Easy

Growing up takes a whole lot of #fails.

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1. "I was so horrified. I think I need therapy."


"I was signing for a few packages at the front door one day when my 18-month-old daughter squirmed through my legs and stuck something onto the UPS man's leg. To my horror I looked down and realized it was a USED maxi pad she had dug out of the trash."

—Jordan Simpson, Facebook

2. "My 4-year-old accidentally rolled down the window a couple inches while we were in an automatic car wash..."

"I just happened to look behind me in time to see soap come through the window and spray him from his head down to his belly."


3. "It was bedtime for my 3-year-old, so I put her in bed and started to get the laundry ready..."

Flickr: amboo213 / Via Creative Commons

"I had the basket in the hallway when she bolted out of her room to escape bedtime and hit it at full speed. She went headfirst over the basket and did a full front flip before landing on her butt. It was hilarious. She was totally fine and laughing."



4. "At Chipotle my 4-year-old ducked under the table to get something he dropped...

"Upon standing he tried to grab the table to help himself up, but instead he grabbed his tray and spilled a heap of black beans all over his head."


5. "My 4-month-old daughter was getting baptized during a Saturday mass..."


"When the priest started the ceremony my daughter farted so loudly the microphone picked it up and it was heard over the loudspeaker. The entire church erupted into laughter, and even the poor priest had a hard time regaining his composure. Best part about it, Saturday masses are broadcast over the radio, so everyone who tuned in heard my daughter's flatulence."

—Hollie Kivi-Salazar, Facebook


8. "My 5-year-old decided it was a good idea to jump off our recliner onto one of those big exercise balls..."


"All I saw out of the corner of my eye was her being tossed about three feet into the air and then landing on the floor. I have never laughed so hard while comforting her and making sure nothing was broken."

—Sarah Bitner Mosher, Facebook

10. "I took a flyer from the councilman and shut the door."


"We recently had a local election and an incumbent city council candidate was actually going door-to-door. I was talking to him when my 4-year-old son came up behind me and asked to take a bath. I looked down and discovered he was naked."


11. "When my daughter turned three we put one of those "3" shaped candles on her cake..."

Flickr: soapylove / Via Creative Commons

"After she blew out the candle she picked it up and bit out a huge chunk! I kept the candle (with her teeth marks) for a couple of years."



13. "I was outside Target with my newly walking son near those big, red concrete spheres they have mounted on the sidewalk..."

"Upon seeing them he got really excited — thinking they were giant bouncy balls — then yanked his hand from mine, ran forward and tried to kick one."



16. "It's hard to be sympathetic when you're laughing so hard you're literally crying."


"My 5-year-old daughter ran full speed into a full pane window at Disney World. She looked like a bug hitting the windshield."


18. "Yeah... I bought an electric menorah the next day."

Flickr: 16782093@N03 / Via Creative Commons

"My son's birthday usually falls right before Chanukah. The year he turned four I was saying the prayer as we lit the candles for the first night of Chanukah — when my son sang 'Happy Birthday' and blew out the candles."

—Allison Marston, Facebook

19. "When my sister was little she was swimming in the ocean and got stung by a jellyfish...."

Flickr: photographingtravis / Via Creative Commons

"She ran out of the water, screaming, 'There's a testicle in my bathing suit! There's a testicle in my bathing suit!' She'd mixed up the words 'tentacle' and 'testicle' and everyone on the beach just stared as she cried."


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