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17 Parent Hacks We Know Actually Work Because We Tried Them

Let’s be real — too many hacks only work on the internet. But these deserve the hype.

1. Stick a command hook on the back of a high chair to always be able to find a bib.

2. Cut pancakes into toddler-sized bites with a pizza cutter.

3. Use the envelope folds on a onesie for their intended purpose — to allow you to pull a onesie DOWN off your poopy baby instead of over their head and making a huge mess.

4. Wash baby socks together in a laundry bag so you never lose another one again.

5. Keep your candy safe from your kids by stashing it inside a healthy snack’s empty packaging.

6. If your kid is afraid of monsters at night, make some “monster spray” (which is really just inexpensive lavender body spray) to spray in their room before bed.

7. Find out if your baby is wet or poopy — without opening their diaper — by checking their diaper’s color line.

8. Make a pretty terrific diaper caddy out of a wine carrier.

9. Stop a public restroom flush sensor from suddenly flushing and scaring your kid by covering it with a Post-it note.

10. Discourage kids from unspooling too much toilet paper by flattening the roll with your foot.

11. Use dollar store silverware drawers to organize your kids' toothbrushes and paste.

12. Use conditioner and water to successfully detangle doll hair.

13. Stash wipes and a few extra diapers in the back of your car so you can always change your baby in a pinch.

14. Cut your baby’s nails 20 minutes after they’ve fallen asleep for a squirm-free, low-stress experience.

15. Lower the chances of your baby peeing on you by wiping a wet wipe across their belly just under the belly button before opening their diaper.

16. Save space when packing by rolling your kid’s outfits instead of folding them.

17. Place tape over the speakers on your kids' toys to lower the volume.